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What is the definition of paradise? Imagine a place with miles of sunkissed pink and white sands and endless turquoise waters extending into the horizon; tranquil settings that allow you to work in relaxation and finally the financial security that you have been longing for. Now imagine being able to call this place home and just imagine enjoying the benefits of Antigua real estate.

Welcome to Antigua and Barbuda: a twin-island state located in the Caribbean infamous for its 365 spectacular beaches- perfect for a variety of watersports from snorkeling to sailing. And beyond the magnificent nature and serene ambiance lies some remarkable opportunities that give the nation the title of Caribbean tax haven-Antigua has no worldwide income tax, no inheritance tax, and no wealth tax. But how do you gain such great benefits? Relocate Antigua presents you with an extensive guide on how to get started with your Antigua and Barbuda real estate investment with extra details into the Antigua Citizenship by investment in real estate.

Antigua real estate market

Besides being one of the best luxury wedding and vacation destinations in the Caribbean, Antigua, and Barbuda offers irresistible benefits to investors especially through its thriving real estate market. For one, the country has an international airport allowing for fast and convenient travel. Furthermore, becoming an Antiguan citizen is easy and offers great opportunities including visa-free travel to over 160 countries and unmatchable tax benefits.

Renting a home in the Caribbean is a dream for many. There are many luxury homes for sale in Antigua and Barbuda as well as beachfront condos, and gorgeous hillside cottages overlooking either the Caribbean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. Large all-inclusive hotels offer luxury accommodation and make for great investment opportunities that give a profitable return. The breathtaking scenery plus the appealing benefits have attracted Numerous celebrities, designers, and business moguls over the years. Commercial real estate properties are also available for investment and are CIP approved making them secure and profitable. The market is boosted by the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program which sees scores of individuals and families relocating every year to gain their Antigua citizenship by real estate investment or an investment in the country’s economy as well as other investment options.

Commercial real estate properties are also available for investment and are CIP approved making them secure and profitable. The market is boosted by the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program which sees scores of individuals and families relocating every year to gain their Antigua citizenship by real estate investment or an investment in the country’s economy as well as other investment options.


Buying real estate in Antigua

Currently, there are no restrictions on buying a property in Antigua and Barbuda as a foreigner but as an investor, you have the advantage of gaining your citizenship through investment. To be able to own property in Antigua, individuals must apply for a non-citizen landholding license and pay 5% of the purchase price. But how to get started? Relocate Antigua provides you with a comprehensive guide to buying property in Antigua.

Finding your dream property: There are many options of great properties for sale in Antigua and your Relocate Antigua Real estate agent will assist you in finding the right one along with the best land investments. Once you have chosen the perfect property, it’s time to make a deal. You will first need to access legal services to acquire the property deed, assess it, and ensure it is secure.

Make an offer: With the help of your Relocate Antigua lawyer, you will then have to go make a deal and settle on a price with the seller. Our seasoned agents are knowledgeable in the Antigua real estate prices and will see to it that you are making the right financial decision.

Apply for your Non-Citizen Landholding License: Many wonders: can foreigners own land in Antigua? Well, apart from the Citizenship by investment program, the other option for being able to own property in Antigua and Barbuda is acquiring a Non-Citizen Land-holding license. The fee for this license is 5% of the purchase price and the application process takes up to 4 months. You can check out our website for more information about this process.

Pay all the required taxes: The final step is to pay all the required taxes and fees such Antigua property sales tax, after which you will be able to finally own the title to your home.

Best Residential areas

There are various attractive areas across the beautiful islands offering breathtaking scenery and serene privacy, allowing for very comfortable living spaces to be built.


Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay is home to a variety of Popular hotels including Sandals Grande Antigua, restaurants, and bars. Gorgeous beachfront villas and holiday homes can be bought or rented here and make for a splendid investment with a great turnover profit due to the exemplary location. The mile-long white-sand beach is perfect for motorized and non-watersports, swimming, and snorkeling. About 15 minutes away, the Cedar Valley Golf Course offers another exciting pastime activity.

Runaway Bay

As Dickenson’s Bay’s neighbor, Runaway Bay sits in an ideal location booming with amenities and magnificent sunset views. Several projects including CIP approved waterfront condos and hillside villas are available for rent and sale.

Galley Bay

Also located on the North-west in the village of five islands, Galley Bay is home to the prestigious Galley Bay resort and spa- the perfect Caribbean vacation resort; CBI is approved.  The tranquil setting of Galley Bay whispers peace and calm all around with great snorkeling and swimming opportunities in the beach’s refreshing turquoise waters.

Up in the hills overlooking the glorious ocean, is one of the island’s best-kept secrets- Galley Bay Heights- a unique setting with luxury villas and vacant plots where you can build your dream home and enjoy a secluded life with panoramic views of the ocean and hillsides. This beautiful quiet area has attracted stars such as world-class designer Giorgio Armani and is sure to attract buyers and vacationers if selling or renting is your plan.

Hodges Bay

Pristine white sands and iridescent azure waters make up Hodges Bay beach, which is the main attraction in Hodges Bay. The area is home to the famous Hodges Bay resort as well as several ocean-view and beachfront townhouses and villas. The surrounding setting offers bars and restaurants and other secluded beaches on either side of Galley Bay beach, overall making it a splendid area for vacationing or owning your own Antigua home.

One of the treasures of Galley Bay is that you can access a beautiful offshore island called Prickly Pear from here. Some of the properties here are CIP approved.

English Harbor

As one of Antigua’s top historical attractions, English Harbor is famed for its beautiful scenery, hilltop cottages, and villas overlooking the vast blue ocean. The harbor was initially built as a base for the British Royal Navy back in the 1800s. Nearby the marvelous Nelson’s Dockyard also a major tourist attraction, hosts yachters, and boating enthusiasts.

English harbor is on the southwestern side of Antigua in the serene, picturesque countryside surrounded by lush hillsides and two of the most beautiful beaches- Pigeon Point and Galleon Bay. Many of the properties at English harbor are government approved for the CIP project. 

Jolly harbor

Home to the Caribbean’s largest manmade Marina, Jolly Harbor is a mixture of magnificent tropical ambiance and ultimate convenience. The commercial Centre is in the heart of the town and offers various amenities such as a major supermarket, pharmacy, and various shops and restaurants.

North and South Fingers are two gated communities filled with luxury homes and quaint vacation villas overlooking the harbor dotted with yachts. There are always villas are available for rent and sale many of which are CBI approved. All things considered; Jolly Harbor real estate extends amazing investment opportunities. Venture further south to find more beautiful waterfront and ocean view properties also making for great investment opportunities.

Non-such and Halfmoon Bay

40 minutes from St. Johns city on the east side of the island where you will never get tired of the sounds of birds chirping and the waves rolling gently on the sparkling white sands, you will find these two incredible Antigua real estate destinations. Non-such is home to the famous Nonsuch Bay resort which offers luxury accommodation in a secluded setting away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Choose from CIP approved beachfront condos or hillside villas overlooking the calm beach. About 10 minutes away, Halfmoon Bay offers great real estate opportunities with gorgeous hillside properties overlooking the unique crescent-shaped white-sand beach.


Barbuda is Antigua’s sister island and eaves nothing to desire for the investor seeking a unique location for his dream home. This sparsely populated treasure offers 62 miles of pristine white and pink sand beaches. Several real estate projects are underway here including a resort, villas, condos, and vacation homes. The island has over the years attracted renowned stars such as Robert De Niro. CIP approved areas are Low Bay, Palmetto Point, and Coco Point.

antigua-map-relocate antigua

Additional areas:

  • Tamarind Hills
  • Crosbies
  • Friars Hill
  • Willoughby Bay
  • St. Johns
  • Jumby Bay
  • Valley church
  • Fryers estate
  • Scotts Hill
  • Cedar Valley

Check for the full list of approved CIP projects and areas including St. Johns Antigua real estate commercial properties and businesses.

Antigua and Barbuda real estate prices

There are no official average price records for properties in Antigua and Barbuda but the prices vary according to the area and the developer. For example, homes in English and Jolly Harbor generally cost between US$150,000 to US$3,000,00.00 and land prices range from US$200,000 per half-acre to US$1000,000 for 2 acres. Suites at Non-Such Bay cost between US$400,000 to US$900,000. In other areas, high-end Antigua luxury real estate properties like luxury condos, townhouses, and penthouses go up to a million US dollars. Our real estate agents at Relocate Antigua are prepared to help you with your property search, keeping into consideration your preferred location and your budget. Get in touch with us today.

Citizenship by investment is one of the simpler ways to obtain a second citizenship

Are you interested?

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Taxes and other costs

The Non-Citizens Land-Holding License

Non-Citizens can have two options to legally own land or property in Antigua and Barbuda: either apply to the Citizenship by Investment Program or apply for your Non-Citizens Land-holding License which is governed by the Non-Citizens Land-Holding regulations Act. The fee for this license is 5% of the purchase price and the application process takes up to 4 months. You can check out our Relocate Antigua Real Estate website for more information about this process.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is divided between the buyer and the seller. The buyer pays 2.5% and the seller pays 7.5% totaling 10% of the purchase price.

Real Estate Agency Commission

The seller is liable to pay the real estate commission fee which ranges between 5% to 7% of the sale price. Our database of highly trained agents will provide you with exceptional service from start to finish, ensuring that your seeking, purchasing, and licensing processes go smoothly. Choose Relocate Antigua for all your real estate needs

How to find a good real estate agent

Finding good real estate agents in Antigua may be a bit of a hassle but not to worry, we are here to help. A good real estate agent should be naturally intuitive and analytical. Some traits that you should look for in a great agent includes:

Problem solver mentality: A successful agent should be able toassess all situations and make decisions promptly to facilitate the searching or buying process.

Honesty and integrity: Professionalism is a must in the real estate industry. A good agent must carry themselves with integrity and set standards of hustle.

Knowledge: One of the key qualities that determine a great agent is their knowledge of the industry. They should be aware of all updates regarding listings, rise, and fall in value, and upcoming projects around Antigua. Having a clear understanding of the local housing market is imperative. They should be able to help you identify your niche in the real estate market to help you successfully attract buyers or renters and have profitable turnovers. 

Attention to detail: Your agent must be attentive to everything regarding the real estate market and your unique needs. They should be well organized, committed to following up on leads, and be able to communicate well as well as have a network of connections helping them to keep up to date with everything.

Our Real Estate services are tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Give us a call today to get started!

Citizenship by investment In Real Estate

One of the perks of buying real estate in Antigua is that it allows you the opportunity of gaining your Antigua and Barbuda passport. The Citizenship by Investment program grants citizenship to interested Individuals and their families through one of 4 investment options.

You can gain your Antigua and Barbuda passport by investment in different ways, but property investment is a popular choice. The real estate market is on the rise and features several viable properties in ex-pat areas, waiting for an international market.

With a minimum cost of US$400,000 and great choices of property, the Antigua citizenship by investment real estate option serves as a great option. 

Other options

  • Contribution to the NDF- A one-time minimum contribution of US$100,000 to the government’s National Development fund.
  • Investment in approved businesses- A minimum investment into government-approved businesses of US$150,000.
  • Investment in UWI- A minimum investment of US$150,000 to the UWI.

In addition to the investment, you will be required to pay additional government fees, due diligence fees, and passport fees. After your application has been approved, you will have your very own Antigua and Barbuda passport which will grant you visa-free travel to more than 150 countries.

Contact us for more information and advice on your Antigua and Barbuda real estate investment. Our agents are on standby to serve your needs.   

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