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For the past 53 years, people have traveled from all over the world to witness or participate in one of the Caribbean’s most popular celebrations – the Antigua Sailing Week. If you’re looking for excitement and adventure then Antigua Sailing Week at English Harbor is the place to be.

In this article, we will give you a close look into the history and the excitement of the Antigua sailing week including full information about the yacht regattas and how you can be a part of this yachting extravaganza.

Antigua Sailing Week History

You’re probably wondering, how did this celebration about sailing come about. Well, in 1968 a group of vacationers had a sort of epiphany while trying to brainstorm ideas to lengthen the winter season in Antigua. And so the first yacht regatta was held to attract more people to the island. The intent was to lure people in to stay longer on the island or to come specifically to participate in the regatta.

The First Antigua Sailing Week

In June of 1968, the Antigua Hotel Association sponsored the first sailing week which was held from the 8th through the 15th with boats from Canada, the United States, and other Caribbean countries. In the alluring invitation, Antigua was described as “the island for all seasons” and beckoned to sailors and yachters to come and participate in the week-long celebration which involved the 3-day yacht regatta, sunfish sailing contests, powerboat races, and deep-sea fishing contests.

There was even a race especially for Antiguan fishermen who had their boats painted vibrantly for the event. What a sight that must have been! The first race observed was Guadeloupe to Antigua race which was for all boats coming from the southern Caribbean islands.

For the week that followed there were several parties and balls held in addition to the regatta and the races. The awards ceremony was then held at Nelson’s Dockyard where the Lord Nelson costume ball was also held. 

Antigua Sailing Week

Antigua Sailing Week Schedule and Events

After the successful first Sailing Week, the celebration was planned and repeated the following year with a few differences including the dates which were moved one week earlier to 31st of May through June 7th, 1969. For the next 47 years, Antigua Sailing Week would be successfully held continuing to attract hundreds of individuals from all over the world. Generally, there are two major races before the official opening of the celebration. Then the daily races take place followed by prize-giving ceremonies.

The Antigua Sailing Week 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic but the committee is eager and preparing for the 2021 celebration which will be held from Saturday 24th April to Saturday, May 1st, 2021. You can found the official schedule and Antigua Sailing week 2021 dates here. The official sailing week website also offers Covid-19 updates and guidelines for the general public and Antigua Sailing week 2021 participants.

Chase The Race

If you’d like to have a closer look at the races, then there is no better way to do so than to be on the water alongside the yachts. Starting at Falmouth Harbor, this can be considered a tour of the most exhilarating events in Antigua. You will be able to see first hand from the start of the races each day, take photos and cheer on your favorite team as your boat sails calmly across the coast. This all-inclusive tour includes a delicious lunch drinks and all the amenities such as a bathroom, life jackets, trained lifeguards, and water.

Relocate Antigua can help get you the best private Antigua Sailing week yacht charter for the Chase The Race event. Call us today.

Lay Day

When the first half of the races have been completed, everyone heads down to Pigeon Point Beach for the Antigua Sailing week party this vibrant all-day affair booming with music, barbeques, dancing, and a variety of watersport activities including dingy races, stand-up paddleboard rally, and swimming challenges. From about 11 am, the festivities kick off and competitors can choose to either take part in the fun games or just lay back lounging and taking in the cool Caribbean breeze.

Results of the past years

A full archive of the Antigua Sailing Week races results can be found here, with full information including results of the Lord Nelson’s Trophy for the past 53 years.

Lord Nelson’s Trophy Winners from 2009-2019

YearBoat NameBoat DesignCountry
2017LAZY DOGMelges 32PUR
2011SOJANAFarr 115GBR
2010RANJ/V 72GBR

Antigua Sailing week 2021 classes, Divisions with descriptions


Class NameDescription
CSA Max 1High Performance and Race Cruisers TCF over 1.250
CSA MiniMax 2Racer cruiser boats TCF over 1.00
CSA Racing 3High PerformancePlanning Race BoatsTCF 1.150 to 1.25
CSA Racing 4High PerformancePlanning Race BoatsTCF .975 to 1.050
CSA Racing 5High PerformancePlanningRace BoatsTCF .900 to 1.000
CSA Racing 6A-kite Race BoatsTCF .900 to 1.000
CSA Racing 7S-kite Race BoatsTCF .900 to 1.000
CSA Racing 8Performance CruisingBoatsTCF .900 to .950
CSA Racing 9Spin Optional Cruiser Racer BoatsTCF .800 to .900
CSA sport-boat 10High PerformancePlanning Race BoatsTCF .850 to .900
CSA J&MJib and Main Cruiser Racer BoatsTCF .800 to .900
CSA DHDouble Hande
CSA BB 1Bareboats 50’ and up, Large
CSA BB 2Bareboats around 45’, Medium
CSA BB 3Bareboats 40’ orless, Small
CSA CC 1Spin Optional Club Class Large
CSA CC 2Spin Optional Club Class Smal
CSA MH 1High-Performance Multihull
CSA MH 2Cruising Multihulls


Division A – Racing Fleet, Sport boats, and Racer/Cruiser Fleet (with spinnaker)
Boats in Division A may fly normal spinnakers or asymmetrical sails and will all be rated with spinnakers.

Division B – Racer/Cruiser Fleet (non-spinnaker), Cruiser Fleet and Bareboats
Boats in Division B – Racer/Cruiser non-spinnaker fleet: may not fly spinnakers, MPS, or irregular sails. These may carry one or two jibs and use a pole.

Cruiser Fleet:  May fly spinnakers, an MPS, asymmetrical sails, and one or two jibs and will be rated following their election to carry such sails or not.

Bareboat Fleet:  May only hold mainsail and jib, with no pole.

Participate in the yacht Regatta

If you want to sail across the open mesmerizing seas as the strong trade winds guide you, then be sure to register early for the Antigua Sailing Week 2021 Regatta. 

Entry and Registration

Register online for the Antigua Sailing Week general races and the Peter’s and May Round Antigua Race.

Contact information:

The Secretary,
Antigua Sailing Week,
P.O. Box 2035,
St. John’s,
West Indies

Tel: (268) 462 8872 or (268) 462 6164 / Fax: (268) 462 8873



Let Relocate Antigua help you get registered for Antigua Sailing week activities. Our agents will also take care of everything including booking and reservations and personal shopping for your gear, and other necessities. Get in touch with us today.

Documents Required

  • Complete Entry Forms
  • C.S.A Certificates
  • Identification Documentation

Entry Deadlines

The closing date for entry into the Antigua Sailing Week is always 30 days before the start. If for any reason you wish to enter after this time you will need to get approval from the Race Committee.


For pricing information, you can contact a member of the sales team on 888 350 3568.


From exhilarating races, day and nighttime festivities, music, incredible food and so much more, the world-famous Sailing week in Antigua is the true trademark of Caribbean sailing and packs a full adventurous experience. Relocate Antigua is happy to help you participate or spectate this amazing event from start to finish.

If you are coming to Antigua specifically for the celebration, we will organize your reservations or find you the perfect villa to stay in in the English harbor area. We can also provide you with professional photography services to give you the best Antigua Sailing Week photos. Get in touch with us today and let us help you make your Antigua Sailing Week experience one to remember.

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