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Courier Services

Amongst numerous matters, regarding your relocation to or investment within the country, you will be required to send documents, such as translations or certificates, to specific locations, such as government departments or immigration offices. Therefore, you will need to locate

Courier services are a delivery service that operates on all levels offering competitive features such as highspeed delivery and efficiency. They work quite efficiently to deliver mail and packages and have specialty services that you won’t find within a normal mail delivery system.

This form of delivery has become even more popular with the rise in internet shopping. It allows advantages for both the vendor and the customer: the vendor will be able to offer next day delivery and the customer can expect fast service.

If your job requires you to work remotely but constantly send and receive documents to and from clients, then a courier service is the best option for you. It will guarantee that your documents arrive at their designated destination quicklu and safely.

Our courier services offer the pick-up and delivery of your important documents from and to locations all over the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, with full confidentiality guaranteed.

You can expect superior speed and reliability with the assurance that your documents will be delivered safely. We offer local regional and international shipping services.

What to expect

  • Swift delivery time
  • Professional packing
  • Speed and efficiency (same day pick-up and delivery)
  • Express delivery (from one location to another, right away, no stops)

In comparism to postal services, courier services get the job done quicker and are much more reliable. If you need documents shipped for an important purpose, you can rely on Relocate Antigua.

When it comes to local delivery, Our agents are quite familiar with the routes and areas in Antigua, determing all factors such as quality of the road and the traffic in order to get your package safely to its destination.

Outsource your delivery needs to Relocate Antigua’s professional and reliable courier service. We will handle your documents with care, assuring an efficient and secure arrival to the desired location.

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