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Enjoy personalized and luxurious experiences with Relocate Antigua’s concierge services, tailored to help you out you as best as we can. Choose from personal assistance services, to private chefs and yachts or helicopter flights. Browse through our vast service portfolio or let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will match your requirements with a tailor-made approach.

We also assist personal assistants, assistants and managers of high-networth-individuals (HNWI) and celebrities and VIPs. We are fully aware of how important confidentiality is and adhere to the strictest confidentiality regulations which we also provide in writing by our NDAs.

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Concierge Services

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We clearly understand the demands and the level of quality that is required and fall nothing short of it. We are used to doing business on this level and understand very well what is expected of us.

Give us a call today and let us guide you through our different options and packages to make your experience on Antigua memorable and we will assure you that you will continue to come back to our beautiful country.

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