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Personal assistant services in Antigua

When moving to a new country, it may be difficult and a rather lengthy process to find a personal assistant who is accountable and trustworthy enough to assist you with daily tasks that will ultimately help you to be comfortable while taking care of your business related matters.

What is a personal assistant?

Simply put, a personal assistant is an assistant who undertakes all or most of the tasks on behalf of one individual. The main role is to organize and conduct all general tasks so that the manager or executive can focus on strategic responsibilities.

Personal assistants are a manager’s first point of contact.

Over the years, Relocate Antigua has built a strong database of assistants living in Antigua and Barbuda, who are willing and hardworking. Our personal assistants are well experienced and will deliver the best service to you. They will perform just about any duty for you such as errand services, home services and even holiday services. They will always be committed during their scheduled hours to cater to your needs while you attend to business matters. Errand services include

  • Paying bills
  • Car washing
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly shopping
  • Delivery and pick up of goods from customs


Our personal assistants come fully experienced and ready to serve, possessing all the key skills that are required for the perfect execution of daily duties.

Key Skills of RA Personal assistants

  • Good oral and written communication skills-. Our assistants are properly educated and literate and possess great verbal and written communication skills which are needed to make orders, contact companies on your behalf, write checks and relay information to you and other necessary parties.
  • Trustworthiness and discretion- We know that confidentiality is a top priority when dealing with high net worth individuals and companies. Our assistants are well-groomed to exhibit discretion in any given situation. You can trust that your information and property will be in safe hands.
  • Adaptability and flexibility- In today’s ever-changing world, we know that no two situations are the same and things can change unexpectedly. The life of an HNI is fast-paced and it requires individuals who are flexible and adaptive to assist in day to day tasks. Therefore we have gathered a variety of personal assistants each uniquely qualified to cater to your needs on call. They can multitask, organize quickly, and solve problems promptly.


Let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will match your requirements with reliable personal assistants.

Free up your time with our Personal Assistance Services in Antigua and make the most of island life.

The professionals we promote are ready to take on daily tasks so that you do not have to worry about them yourself.