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Blockchain is a decentralized database technology, which rose to fame as an accounting system for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Simply put, a Blockchain is a sequence (=chain) of linked data records (=blocks). Those data records or “blocks” contain information about transactions, for example, bank transfers.  What makes Blockchains so unique is that they are virtually tamper-proof and therefore, can play an almost revolutionary role when it comes to secure exchange of sensitive information.

Due to the decentralized organization of blockchains the database is stored on different computers around the world that are all part of the Blockchain network. Each database contains the same information. So, if someone intents to manipulate a Blockchain, he would need to manipulate all the Blockchains that are part of the network and stored on computers around the world. This is one of the reasons, why manipulating a Blockchain is almost impossible.

Therefore, Blockchains also became interesting for various other industries and have developed into a cross industry information technology, even though it is still associated with Bitcoin most of the time. Bitcoin remains one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and can also be used on Antigua and Barbuda. For example, their Citizenship by Investment Program allows payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Using Blockchain technology improves security, allows for more  traceable transactions and is a far more efficient and effective mode of payment. Market capitalization is a major point of reference in the Antigua and Barbuda market, it verifies the validity of using cryptography techniques in the nation and thus generates the need for interest in the field.

Finding out the best way for your business to relocate to Antigua and Barbuda is a task that is to be left in our hands. We understand the success of the Blockchain and Bitcoin industry in Antigua and Barbuda and focus on providing our clients with the latest updates in the market. Finding the right solutions to fill the gap in the market is when and how we fit into your relocation to the island state.

Relocate Antigua is equipped with the tools to discover all the legal provisions needed to take on this thriving industry as well as strive for the most profitable angle in which you could enter the market.

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