Blockchain is a strand of digital information that can be shared among users but not replicated in its entire form. This unique coding is transmitted from one user to another in the form of monetary transactions and in many industries, has replaced traditional money as a form of payment. The most popular form of cryptocurrency that is secured on blockchain technology is Bitcoin, which can be used in Antigua and Barbuda.

Using blockchain technology improves security, allows for more traceable transactions and is a far more efficient and effective mode of payment. Market capitalisation is a major point of reference in the Antigua and Barbuda market, it verifies the validity of using cryptography techniques in the nation and thus generates the need for interest in the field.

Finding out the best way for your business to relocate to Antigua and Barbuda is a task that is to be left in our hands. We understand the success of the blockchain and Bitcoin industry in Antigua and Barbuda and focus on providing our clients with the latest updates in the market. Finding the right solutions to fill the gap in the market is when and how we fit into your relocation to the island state.

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Relocate Antigua is equipped with the tools to discover all the legal provisions needed to take on this thriving industry as well as strive for the most profitable angle in which you could enter the market.

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