The iGaming industry targets a large number of users per year; and the fuel behind this thriving sector is boosted in revenue with Antigua and Barbuda’s efforts in the industry. Antigua was the first online gaming authority to create monetary value in the sector – even after the 1996 Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established, causing many Antigua-based companies to move to North America, Antigua and Barbuda remain a major player in the iGaming industry.

Since Antiguan iGaming companies are allowed to advertise their services in the UK, the intense market provides ample job opportunities within the field. Understanding the stability of these jobs is what we do best; this is why it is always recommended to consult an iGaming professional advisor from Relocate Antigua who can send you off in the right direction, should you be looking to invest in the sector.

The land-based casino industry plays a vital role in the Antiguan economy making it a sustainable profession to join. Relocating to Antigua is an excellent choice for experts in the iGaming field as well as a profitable option for casinos and gaming companies. One of our team specialists will keep you informed on the legal matters within the industry, point out top relocation locations within Antigua and Barbuda as well as introduce you to the social and political mentalities on the islands.


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Our experts at Relocate Antigua have an in-depth knowledge of the business industry in Antigua; scouting the market to keep you informed on the regulations set and procedures needed for iGaming business relocation purposes.

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