Hike to Mermaid Gardens (Shirley’s Heights)

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One of the hidden treasures of Antigua is Mermaid Gardens, located at Shirley’s Heights in English Harbor and although there are no mermaids to be found, the scenery alone is enough to leave you mesmerized and enchanted.  

The Journey

The hike to Mermaid Gardens begins at Galleon Bay, where we will have to go through the Galleon Bay Resort and make our way to the end of the property, passing verdant gardens filled with beautiful flowers and fruitful orange, pomegranate, and guava trees on the way. 

The slightly rugged path leads uphill to an intersection that breaks off into 4 roads; we keep going straight, following the rocky trail. Along the way, we take notice of the various Antiguan Flora including Tamarind, Neem, Jumby Beads, and Coral Vine-just to name a few. Soon, we will be able to hear the waves crashing on the rocks, and not long after, views of the ocean will be visible from between the trees on the right.  

Although Mermaid Gardens is popular for its unique pool formation, what stands out, even more, are the rock formations. Upon arriving, you will have to climb down a few of these. Your Relocate Antigua guide will lead you through the safest path to the pools. Below, the rocks can be quite slippery when the tide is high, so be very cautious.   

Pools and Cliffs

Finally, we arrive at the crystal iridescent pool glimmering in the sunlight. On a high-tide day, the waves crash on the rocks and fill up the pool even more. This marvelous secret spot is home to many tiny crabs, sea urchins, and fishes. It is also a popular spot for fishermen and divers.

Enjoy taking photos and relaxing in the cool refreshing water before we head back down to Galleon Beach where you can enjoy the tranquil turquoise waters.  

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Table of Contents

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