Hiking to Fort Barrington
(Goat Hill), Deep Bay, Antigua

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Fort Barrington National Park Location

Fort Barrington National Park is situated on the Northwestern coast of Antigua in the area of Five Islands. The Fort dates back to 1779 when it was constructed by the British to be used as protection and defense from the French. Today, it is not only a major attraction that encapsulates much of the rich history of Antigua and Barbuda but is one of the best locations to admire the breathtaking beauty of the Caribbean Sea from above. 

The journey

Our journey to Fort Barrington starts at the entrance of Deep Bay. Walking across the bridge, you may catch a glimpse of fish swimming in the shallow pond below. From here, you can see the ruins of the Fort at the top of the hill overlooking the bay.

The rugged trail known as Goat Hill leads to a rocky uphill climb, where you will have to maneuver over large rocks. Be sure to take extra precautions in this area. Soon we will be at the entrance of the fort, and making our way through the narrow walkway toward the stairs.

The stonewall architecture of the building is most highlighted in the unique design of the staircase.

Emerging from here, you will be met with the most magnificent panoramic views of Deep Bay, and the Royalton Resort and Spa. This is a great spot for photos with the almost unreal backdrop of the bright blue sky meeting the smooth blanket of turquoise water. At the very top of the Fort, you can admire this view from an even higher standpoint.

Our journey does not end here; further down the beaten trail, through lush green trees and some of Antigua’s famous Flora including Leaf Of Life Coral Vine and, we will make our way carefully to the very tip of the coast, which extends to a tiny offshore island.

If the tide permits we should be able to venture across and have a closer look at the untouched paradise. On your way back down, go ahead and take a dip in the refreshing water at Deep Bay Beach to unwind from your hiking trip. 


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Table of Contents

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