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There are many benefits to obtaining a second residency or citizenship and Relocate Antigua can guide you in obtaining your economic citizenship helping you transform your ideas into concrete realities.

Relocate Antigua is eager to share their knowledge and expertise with all their clients looking into the residence and citizenship programs available on the market. And one of the first points we’d like to share is that the economic citizenship program is much more affordable than you’d think. Costs can also be further reduced if planning services are considered.

What is residence and citizenship planning?

Being a citizen of the world means that life and career options should not be judged by geographic location. Self-identifying as a global citizen grants you access to the freedoms the world has to offer; the residence and citizenship programs can do just that.

Relocate Antigua helps you manage the legal requirements and bureaucracy in foregin countries with their team of professionals trained in assisting with residence and citizenship planning.

Depending on your goals, Relocate Antigua will guide you in the necessary steps it takes into gaining a second citizenship of second residency status. Some of the steps include;

As an experienced global citizen, you might be well-versed in some issues related to the regulations surrounding a move to another location. But, it’s hard to be an expert in everything. You’re also pretty tied up to plough through relevant regulations yourself.

At Relocate Antigua, our experienced citizens also happen to be experts in residency and citizenship planning and can create a tailor-made plan that will;

  • Clarify your goals to pick the best options for your needs
  • Specify all the steps you need to take
  • Define the time frame
  • Prepare all documentation for processing
  • See the process on to successful completion.

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Your requirements and world experience will serve as a platform for the Relocate Antigua team to design the best solution for you. Book your private consultation with Relocate Antigua to get your citizenship program on its way to completion.

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