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Investment in Agriculture Antigua

Antigua is aspiring to expand its Agricultural Sector in line with the diversification concept that is the foundation of the developments in investment options in the country.

Fertile grounds and vast plots of unutilized land in pristine condition, as well as a willing and able workforce, are looking to welcome investors in this profitable industry. The goal is not only for Antigua to become as self-sufficient as other islands already are but to mainly export agricultural goods and products to the rest of the Caribbean.

Antiguan crops

Specialty products, such as the Antigua Black Pineapple and sea island cotton, are already being exported as an exceptional product of our country to Europe and Japan. These are some of the main areas that are worth investing in:

Antiguan Black Pineapple

Claimed to be the sweetest pineapple in the world, the Antiguan Black is a uniquely flavored pineapple that is grown in large numbers for export and overseas sale. This fruit is enjoyed by people all over the world. It is cultivated by locals and by the Antiguan Government at the Cades Bay Agricultural station.

Sea Island Cotton

Sea Island Cotton is one of the most sought-after fibers and Antigua has been mass-producing it for a long time. This is cultivated by local farmers as part of a special government-funded program and is sold to be processed into lint and yarn.


As part of the country’s national food security program, the government of Antigua and Barbuda Poultry Farmers Association covers all persons and organizations that are involved in poultry production. This initiative trains and monitors the farmers and oversees the production of all types of poultry products such as eggs and poultry meat as well as feathers for the use of craft souveniers


With 365 beaches and a thriving undersea life , there are endless fishing related opportunities in Antigua and Barbuda. The Fisheries Department is responsible for the monitoring of registered fishermen and women in the country and for the distribution and exportation of fish and seafood products. Investment opportunities lay in the exportation of fish. Some of the popular products are lobster, shrimp, Mahi Mahi, and other kinds of fish.

Other types of crops produced are sugarcane to produce sugar, different types of peppers, ground provisions, bananas, and a variety of vegetables and fruits.


In Antigua, many forms of livestock are grown and exported. These include cattle, horses, goats, sheep, and pigs. Goats are the most profitable type of livestock.

The most recent endeavor in agriculture is Medical Marijuana, which was decriminalized and can now be produced for medicinal and sacramental purposes. You can find further information on Medical Marijuana here and contact us for information on how to invest.

Benefits of investing in agriculture

  • When you invest in agriculture, you are investing in land and the value of land does not depreciate.
  • Investing in agriculture is a long term venture and you will rarely experience losses due to the constant demand for food.
  • If you are interested in investing in an already established farm, you will be contributing to the farmers by keeping them in business. If you are starting your own farm, you will need to hire workers, therefore providing employment opportunities for locals.

Let Relocate Antigua guide you to make a meaningful investment in Antigua’s agriculture sector.

Investment in agriculture antigua barbuda

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