Investment in Medical Cannabis

Relocating to Antigua and Barbuda serves great business purposes if you are looking to invest in the Medical Cannabis industry.

With attention on the industry booming of late, the medical cannabis industry offers a great source of economic wealth to any country, and any business linked with it in turn. Antigua and Barbuda have decriminalized marijuana and will serve as an exporter where medical cannabis is grown, harvested and sent to pharmaceutical companies that distribute the prescribed drug.

In light of this, a new Medical Cannabis Authority has recently been created by the Government to purposely regulate and control the licensing of the cultivation, manufacturing, process, extraction, import, export, testing, research, distribution and sale of medicinal cannabis, as well as cannabis for sacramental purposes.

Our team members at Relocate Antigua are experienced in the industry and offer services that can provide clients inquiring to invest in this market with valuable and tailor-made guidance. Following the creation of the new board, we can also help you with application forms and licensing.


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