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Investment in Medical Cannabis in Antigua

Relocating to Antigua and Barbuda serves great business purposes if you are looking to invest in the Medical Cannabis industry.

With growing attention on the industry booming, this may just be an incredible endeavor for you. The medical cannabis industry offers a great source of economic wealth to any country, and any business linked with it. Antigua and Barbuda have decriminalized marijuana and plans to serve as a prominent exporter where medical cannabis is grown, harvested, and sent to pharmaceutical companies that distribute the prescribed drug.

In light of this, the Antigua and Barbuda Medical Cannabis Authority have recently been created by the Government to purposely regulate and control the licensing of the cultivation, manufacturing, processing, extraction, import, export, testing, research, distribution and sale of medicinal cannabis, as well as the use of cannabis for sacramental purposes.

The law covers all individuals and organizations that are interested in starting or investing in medical marijuana. This is however limited to the use of the plant for medicinal and religious purposes. The use of marijuana has been widespread from skincare hair and beauty products to general health benefits.

Some of the business opportunities include an Antigua Medical Cannabis Dispensary, Antigua Medical Cannaabis Lounge and the development of medical cannabis farms in Antigua.

Persons or organizations wishing to partake in the cultivation, distribution of cannabis in Antigua must be registered for authorization by the authority.

According to the Antigua marijuana laws, You will be required to fill out an application form and present certain documents to the authority. If approved, you will be issued a license that will allow you to possess, cultivate, and transport marijuana for the use of medical and sacramental purposes.You will also be able to export medical cannabis from Antigua to other countries.

So what makes this plant such so special? And why should you invest in it?

Uses of medical marijuana

Marijuana is made up of about 100 different chemicals that work together to treat various diseases and conditions. Although not proven, marijuana has been used to help treat several conditions and patients report significant improvement.

Proven Health benefits

  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Weight loss
  • Calms autism and anxiety patients
  • Regulates seizures
  • Helps with alcoholism
  • Treats inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Helps with PTSD symptoms

Our team members at Relocate Antigua are experienced in this industry and offer services that can provide interested clients with valuable guidance. Following the creation of the new board, we can also help you with application forms and licensing so that you can start legally growing medical cannabis in Antigua

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