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Certified Translation Services for Antigua

A certified translation is a translated document that is accompanied by a certified statement that indicates the legal accuracy of the translation. The statement also includes the identification information and the qualifications of the translator as well as the date of the translation and the certification.

Certified translations are usually required when translating official documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, translation of utility bills, and other legal documents if you are moving to Antigua and Barbuda.

This is done by applying a seal and signature and thereby certifying the translated document which indicates the legal accuracy of the translated document.

Uses of certified translations

With certified translations, the translation must be an accurate copy of the original document, accompanied by a signed statement. Certified Translations in Antigua have a variety of uses and are considered as official documents that can be used for government authorities and other official bodies such as courts and legal organizations in Antigua and Barbuda. They are therefore also suitable for Antigua CIP Applications.

Government entity proceedings

For this purpose, you will need to certify your documents for application forms for driver’s licenses, passports, and visas.

Legal proceedings

Certifed translations are needed for civil and criminal legal proceedings such as birth, death marriage or adoption certificates, divorce filing, court cases, and police records.

Educational institutions

If applying for schools that require your documents such as diplomas and transcripts to be translated into another language, you will need to present certified translations alongside the original documents as part of your application.

Business and cooperate dealings

Businesses in Antigua may require this translation for official documents such as financial reports, contracts, and patent filings.

Relocate Antigua provides certified translations in over 80 languages created by professional linguists through our international network. We are prepared to assist you in getting your documents translated promptly and accurately.

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