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Personal Interpreting for Antigua

A personal interpreter is an individual who professionally converts one language into the other by listening to, comprehending, and translating information from one person to the next. The interpreter should specialize in two languages: their mother tongue and another language.

Relocating to a country that doesn’t have your language as its first language can prove to be stressful as you will not be able to communicate efficiently on your own.

Relocate Antigua offers personal interpreting services. Our skilled interpreters provide support in many different settings including negotiations, personal conversations, and business trips. You will benefit from a personal interpreter in any situation where a language barrier exists.


  • Ensure that the client stays informed throughout meetings, appointments, and engagements.
  • Be proficient in terminology related to the specific situation or business.
  • Always maintain the same tone and intonation as the speaker
  • Do research before meetings and appointments to sharpen interesting skills on a particular subject.

This service is mainly catered to high net-worth individuals who value privacy and confidentiality, as well as politicians and other government figures and VIPs.

Our interpreters are trained for various situations such as

  • Medical Appointments
  • Immigration interviews
  • Court proceedings
  • Business Negotiations
  • Personal conversations
  • Whatever your requirements, we will find the right specialist interpreter and develop an interpreting solution tailored to your specific needs.

Types of interpreting

Over the phone interpretation- This form of personal interpreting is normally done to eliminate the need of travel for negotiations or conversations. The interpreter will listen carefully and relay information to both parties in the specified languages.

In person Interpretation- Also known as on-site interpretation, this form of interpreting involves the parties and the interpreter being in one room as the interpreter listens and conveys the information swiftly, also paying attention to non-verbal cues and body language to get the message across in the best way possible.

Our personal interpreters are highly-trained and will provide you with a declaration of confidentiality, ensuring that your information is safe and secure.

Furthermore we provide more language related services including certified and notarized translation, and cultural coaching.

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