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Apostilled Translation

What is an Apostilled translation?

An Apostille in Antigua is an official government-issued certificate that is presented along with the official translated document. It is issued by the Antigua High Court and recognized by the 72 countries that are part of the Hague convention.

The Hague Apostille is an international form of the legalization of documents which relies on the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirements of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. In signatory countries of the Apostille Convention, there are certain set modalities to certify documents issued in one country for legal purposes in all other signatory countries.

Apostilled translation also bears an identifiable reference number, and the relevant authorities responsible for issuing the apostilles are obliged by law to maintain a register or index. 

Apostilled translations in Antigua is needed for documents such as

  • Birth certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage Certifiactes
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Certificates of Adoption

Our international team of experienced native speaker translators will create high-quality texts which are precise and professional in your chosen language. You can also rest assured that your documents will be handled with complete discretion and confidentiality.

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