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Do you need to negotiate with a new business partner from an Arab country such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE)? Does your company seek to have business relations with Chinese or Russian corporate partners? We can help you take your international business relationships to the next level with our cross-cultural coaching services.

Intercultural competence is the ability to interact and communicate successfully with people from other cultures. Intercultural coaching aims to equip you with the skills needed for successful intercultural interactions and communication in a targeted manner. A central aspect to this is knowing how to handle cultural differences in a sensitive manner.

Our intercultural, qualified coaches support you every step of the way in building lasting global relationships—from providing tailored training to prepping you and your employees for important foreign assignments.

Rather than using previously-prepared materials for our intercultural coaching, we will adapt the content and methodology to meet your requirements. We offer individual coaching for executives as well as training sessions for large and small teams. The content and subject areas may include topics such things as communications in a multinational team, specific cultural characteristics of countries or regions, making productive use of cultural differences, business etiquette and culture-specific handling of information, amongst others. If desired, we will also enable you to fluently speak a few core phrases in the target language.


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