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Interpreting Services for Antigua

What is an interpreter?

An interpreter is someone who communicates spoken or sign messages from the language of the speaker to the language of the listener. The interpreter’s job is to relay the message in the speaker’s tone and to explain the meaning of the message to the listener.

Interpreter services include personal interpreters, conference interpreters, simultaneous interpreters, consecutive interpreters, telephone interpreters, sworn interpreters, sign language interpreters, and even remote interpreters.

In collaboration with experts in the field, we offer our clients services ranging over numerous industries and specialized areas, in many languages and language combinations.

When will I need one?

You will need an interpreter in Antigua for a range of procedures that require language barriers to be broken for communication to be swift and easy.


This is one of the most critical situations in which a professional interpreter is required. Some types of interviews where having an interpreter is mandatory are police interviews, job interviews, and immigration interviews. The interpreter’s role in these situations is to ensure accurate information is being exchanged and that communication is made simple during both calm and tense interviews eg. Job interviews or interrogations.

Court proceedings

Professional interpreters are needed for legal proceedings in Antigua where language barriers are present, whether civil, criminal, or juvenile. The role of the interpreter is to ensure that all information is accurately verbally translated and that all terminology is communicated at the highest level. Because of the sensitivity of legal matters, the interpreter should be well versed in legal terminology and the code of ethics of professional interpreters and translators.

Medical Appointments

If you desire an interpreter for a medical appointment in Antigua, we can provide you with one. The interpreter will assist you in communicating with the doctor and other medical personnel, ensuring that you receive adequate and accurate advice and treatment. Our professional interpreters are highly trained and familiar with medical terminology and will help you describe your condition, medical history, and current medication so that the doctor has a better understanding of your situation and so that you can understand his advice clearly in your language.

International Business Dealings

Professional interpreters are often needed for business purposes in the event of business meetings, interviews, exhibitions, presentations, and lectures. They are expected to explain products and information as well as for instructions to individuals who do not speak the same language of the speaker.

In need of Interpreting Services? 

Our professional interpreters provide you with support for all languages and at all types of events, accompanying you during negotiations, personal conversations, and business trips. Perhaps you need an interpreter for a very specialized subject area or a court interpreter for meetings with the judicial authorities or courts or an interpreter for a meeting with the Government in Antigua during meetings?

Moreover, we can assure full discretion and confidentiality. Setting up interpreting meetings through Skype, ZOOM, WebEx, GoToMeeting, and other online meeting platforms can also be taken care of, as well as ad hoc interpreting sessions using our state of the art software which connects you to our interpreter in a matter of minutes – without the need for physical presence or travel.

Relocate Antigua will deliver on the right specialist interpreter and develop an interpreting solution tailored to your specific needs.