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Company Formation in Antigua

There are many advantages to starting a business or starting a small business in Antigua and Barbuda. Besides the fact that the country is politically and economically stable, it has a favorable tax regime and a well-equipped banking sector.

But where to start? 

Our team of professionals at Relocate Antigua will assist you step-by-step throughout the Antigua and Barbuda company formation procedure, offering tailor-made corporate services for businesses of all sizes.

We will guide you through the necessary steps of company formation until you have completed the entire process.

1. Promotion

Promotion is the process of creating a business. It is the first and, most critical part where all the ideas and strategies will be formulated, considered, and then organized by the group of people who are interested in starting the business. Promotion begins with the person or group of persons referred to as promotors who thought of the business, identified the opportunity, and took the initiative to shape it. Promoters are responsible for forming the business, bringing the team together, and instructing them accordingly, for gathering machinery and other resources, and for managing the finances. We will see you through this entire initial planning process until your business is up and running.

Functions of the promoter

  • To the business opportunity
  • To analyze practicability
  • To approve the business name
  • To appoint team members and professionals
  • To prepare documents for registration

2. Registration of a business in Antigua

When you have all your plans together, the time will come for you to make your business official. To operate a legal business in Antigua, you are required to obtain a license. To do so, the business name must be registered. This will be done via the Antigua and Barbuda Intellectual Property and Commerce Office. After registering the company name, registrations has to be made with Antigua and Barbuda Social Security and also Medical Benefits Scheme to start paying contributions. Relocate Antigua will take care of all these processes and set appointments with the necessary departments to ensure that your business is official and legal to begin operations. We also provide the registered business address in Antigua and/or assist you in finding suitable office space, as well as staff – local and international – depening on your requirements through our HR Services for jobs in Antigua.

Registration steps

  1. Choose business structure
  2. Choose a location
  3. Register your business name
  4. Register with the inland Revenue Department
  5. Register with the Medical Benefits scheme and Social Security Department
  6. Apply for licenses and permits


3. Commencement of business

Now that everything is in order and you have acquired all the necessary paperwork and certificates to commence your business, you will need to finalize all your planning. During this stage, you may need to hire staff, provide training, and distribute tasks. Relocate Antigua will help you find the best workers for your organization and assist you with interviews and training.

We are committed to making the process as stress-free as possible for you and we will take care of all your documents and administrative tasks in regard to structuring registration forms, payment of government fees, local address registration, banking support, and so on, whilst always keeping your objectives and vision in mind throughout the process. Starting a business in Antigua does not have to be stressful.

Let Relocate Antigua help you make your business a reality!

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