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Location Scouting in Antigua

Location Scouting is the act of finding an environment that will be suitable for the production of a film, music video, commercial or a TV Series in the Caribbean. The location scout must first evaluate the script of the production and then scout potential sites.

The entertainment industry is always seeking the best location options for filming productions.

Relocate Antigua offers professional location scouting services in the Caribbean that will work with your production team to find the most suitable locations in Antigua for you.

We come with experience in this industry and offer complete packages including accommodation, catering, resourcing additional staff, actors or extras, along with technical equipment or whatever else is required.

Our team of location scouts are properly trained and will consider all the location requirements including:

  • Overall aesthetic
  • Availability of parking
  • Availability of electricity and running water
  • Outdoor weather conditions
  • Surrounding sounds
  • Permission of the owner
  • Cooperation of neighbors, Government authorities, and law enforcement.

After considering all these factors, our team will help you choose the location that is best for you, then we will guide you through the necessary steps to aquiring the location for use such as more in-depth evaluation of the property, availability of the property and aquiring signed permission from the owner.

Before the production the location scouting department will contact the different parties needed to clear, clean, and organize the location for the making of the production.

Furthermore our team will remain accessible during and after the production to ensure smooth transitions from and to different locations, to contact the different parties in the event of any emergencies that will prevent the production from being executed.

The Relocate Antigua team will go above and beyond to ensure the smooth operation of your production, doing everything in our power to correct any arising problems such as sudden change of location or arising weather problems.

Let us find the perfect filming location for you on Antigua for the filming of movies and music videos. Contact us now.

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