Medical Cannabis in Antigua

Medical Cannabis is cannabis that is cultivated to treat medical issues. It is very effective in the treatment of various illnesses such as Chronic pain, glaucoma, arthritis among others.

The Medical Cannabis industry offers an alternative form of therapy for the treatment of many serious diseases such as cancer or Multiple Sclerosis. Lately, there is growing interest in the Caribbean islands medical cannabis industry but it remains illegal in most countries. However, it is legal to an extent in Antigua and Barbuda so if you are interested, you will be able to use, grow or invest in medical Cannabis here.

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investment medical cannabis
investment medical cannabis

Antigua and Barbuda Medical Cannabis laws

Antigua and Barbuda have decriminalized marijuana and will serve as an exporter where medical cannabis is grown, harvested, and sent to pharmaceutical companies that distribute the prescribed drug.

In light of this, a new Medical Cannabis Authority has recently been created by the Government to provide licensing and encourage production and investments in the industry. This industry is highly attractive because of its continuous success in other areas of the world. Antigua seems to be the pioneer of the Caribbean for many modern forms of business ventures and investment in Medical Cannabis is one of the main endeavors.

In order to aquire a liscence to grow and distribute medical cannabis in Antigua or even export it, you will need to follow the strict guidelines and stipulations given by the Medical Cannabis Authority. Relocate Antigua is here to help you get all your necessary documentation together. We will guide you through the different processes and advise you accordingly, seeing your investment through to success. Our team at Relocate Antigua offers reliable information and guidance through the process of investing in this new and uprising industry.

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