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Buying Properties in Antigua

Buying Properties in Antigua is not difficult. We advise you on the terms, conditions and prices; as well as the legal process, taxes and more.

Relocate Antigua is committed to matching buyers with their dream properties. House-hunting can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time but our dedicated team of expert real estate professionals is on hand to make the process smooth and seamless. Our highly trained property consultants are primed and ready to offer you the support you need in regards to Antigua real estate.

We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to examine the rules and regulations surrounding buying property in Antigua and Barbuda, shaping the fine print and guiding you through in close collaboration with your lawyer. From combing through the Citizenship by Investment scheme to explaining property taxes, we’ll make sure you embark on your journey to ownership with a firm grasp of the lay of the land.

Home to palm-lined white sand beaches, Antigua and Barbuda’s deep turquoise waters and endless blue skies are a fool-proof choice wherever you choose to buy on the islands. There are great areas with houses for sale in Antigua yet some spots make for a higher return on investment. For example, Dickenson Bay is favored for its proximity to Antigua’s capital. The historical English Harbour area is also popular, and Galley Bay is home to a world-class beach. Our inside-out knowledge of the local market is your best ally in making the right investment for you.

If you have your heart set on a buy-to-let apartment or villa, we offer property management services.

Whatever stage you’re at in your property hunt, don’t hesitate to get in touch for details on any of our listed properties – or simply to discuss your ideas and plans.

Once we’ve assisted you in tracking down your perfect property, it’s time to turn your attention to agreeing to the terms, conditions, and price of the seller. This can be a complex and daunting process, but Relocate Antigua is on hand to help you navigate through the details.

The Antiguan government welcomes investment from foreign buyers. Annual property taxes are generally low compared to other countries, but Antigua’s property market is neither regulated nor licensed, which is why buyers and sellers are encouraged to proceed via a real estate agency. Typically, the commission for a property’s sale will be paid by the seller rather than the buyer.

Kick-starting the process

Once you’ve landed on your dream property with a little help from us, it’s a good idea to seek out the services of a lawyer who can assess the title deed, run a title search and establish whether there are any obstacles to your purchase. If you’re new in town, we work with trusted partners and can point you in the right direction of the right lawyer.

When your lawyer has finished running through all necessary checks, they will draw up a Sales Agreement outlining the terms and conditions to be applied. The Sales Agreement will also contain a full inventory of the property.

You will need to pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price, refundable should you fail to secure your Non-Citizens Land-Holding License (see below). Legal fees are usually negotiable and depend on the depth of the research required, but as a general rule, your lawyer will charge 1% to 2% of the total sale price.

It’s a good idea to have the property surveyed, make sure that all planning permissions are in place and good order, and employ the services of an architect to check for any structural issues or weaknesses. Relocate Antigua offers our buyers access to our little black book of expert professionals and can help identify which services you need, and who to turn to for assistance.

Financing your purchase

It may be a little more complex to secure a mortgage as a non-national, but it’s far from being impossible. At Relocate Antigua, we enjoy close, long-standing relationships with leading banks, and can work with you towards securing a mortgage. Buyers are advised to have engaged in preliminary discussions with lenders before putting in an offer for a property.

Once your lawyer’s searches have been run, your bank has approved your mortgage application and your architect’s assessment and survey have come in, you will be officially registered on the final deed – the buyer and seller then exchange funds and keys! The next and final step is for the transfer to be registered with the local land office.

We can assist you in your meetings, and we can also arrange appointments. We always recommend you start talks with your chosen lender as early in the process as possible.

Special support for first-time buyers

At Relocate Antigua, we pride ourselves on our in-built understanding of buying property for the first time. Becoming a homeowner is a thrilling yet often anxious time, and can quickly turn into a nightmare. It is not always about finding cheap houses for sale in Antigua and then just buying them. You will need professional help in evaluating suitable options. Our team of specialist property consultants and personal assistance will take you by the hand, leading you through the process of securing a bank mortgage and pinpointing the right property for you. We will connect you with the best real estate agents in Antigua. Get in touch and enjoy tailored support in completing all the steps to making your dreams come true.

The Non-Citizens Land-Holding License

In Antigua and Barbuda, non-citizens can choose to apply to the Citizenship by Investment scheme, or apply for a non-citizens land-holding license, often abbreviated to NCL or NCHL. The fee for this license is payable by the buyer and amounts to 5% of the value of the property.

Your application will take three to six months to process, and the license is governed by the Non-Citizens Land-Holding Regulations Act.

Stamp duty

Stamp duty in Antigua is split between the buyer (2.5%) and the seller (7.5%) for a total of 10% of the purchase price.

Real estate agency commission

Any real estate agency commission due is generally payable by the seller and can range from 5% to 7% of the sale price.

Details of the scheme

Ushered in under the Antiguan Citizenship by Investment Act in 2013, this newly-launched scheme offers foreign nationals the opportunity to secure citizenship through their investment, via one of the four routes outlined below:

  • A one-off donation to the NDF
  • Business investment
  • A contribution to the UWI
  • Real estate investment

This last route requires applicants to purchase a property within an approved development.

The cost of securing citizenship

The following is a breakdown of the costs you can expect to take on as part of your Citizenship by Investment application:

  • Processing fees: $30,000 for an individual, 10% payable and refundable upon application, with the balance due upon receipt of your letter of approval.
  • Investment sum: $400,000 or $200,000 each per partner
  • Due diligence fees: $7,500 for an individual.

The benefits of Antiguan citizenship

Antiguan citizenship enables visa-free travel to 151 destinations. One of the biggest benefits of acquiring Antiguan citizenship is that the Non-Citizens Landholding License tax of 5% of the property’s value is no longer due.

For a full list of approved developments in which to invest, can check the government’s official Citizenship by Investment Unit website. Relocate Antigua is more than happy to help you identify the right area and development to best reflect your needs.

Some of the approved developments you might choose to invest in:

  • Galley Bay Heights: Nestled amidst luscious tropical gardens, a mere 20 minutes away from the V.C. Bird International Airport, secluded luxury villas with sweeping ocean views.
  • Tamarind Hills: Beach- and ocean-front villas with private pools, set against the shifting blues of the Caribbean Sea.

Nelson’s Retreat: Dockside luxury living and cutting-edge architectural design in a series of modern apartments amidst the hustle and bustle of English Harbour.

Once you have your keys, you’ll want to start filling your home with some of your most precious belongings. Relocate Antigua will help with all your importing needs.

Personal belongings, household goods, and furniture

The local customs office will assess all shipments for duties and tax. Antigua and Barbuda use the CIF (cost, insurance, and freight) method to assess the taxes due, based on the value of the belongings and shipping costs. Don’t worry, We offer brokerage and customs clearance services.

For further information on importing belongings and vehicles, stay in touch with us for the most up-to-date rates available.

Prospective buy-to-let property investors have a rock-solid ally in Relocate Antigua. We work tirelessly with trustworthy Antigua real estate agents to hunt down the perfect property for you and secure the right investment to match your profile.

Drawing on over 40 years’ experience in the real estate market, our skilled team of property consultants provides a winning combination of expertise and talent to offset any uncertainty you might face on your journey to becoming a landlord(Insert renting hyperlink) in Antigua and Barbuda.

We counter global market insecurity and volatility, mapping out safe and easy investments and excellent opportunities for potential investors unsure of where their money may be best placed.

Why buy-to-lets in Antigua are a smart investment choice

Antigua and Barbuda are one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations. In 2018, the tourism here grew at one of the region’s fastest rates. Antigua and Barbuda’s position within striking distance of both Europe and North America and its well-connected international airport make it perfectly placed for generating rental income from tenants on the lookout for premium villas and apartments. In a busy rental market, buy-to-lets can command high rent price tags that guarantee you make back your investment in no time.

Your home away from home

Operating as a turnkey partner, Relocate Antigua’s holistic service model is built on a one-stop-shop framework that is particularly appealing to foreign national buyers and property investors, who often arrive in Antigua with little to no knowledge of the local market, regulations, and customs. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and make every effort to consider each situation from the perspective of newcomers unfamiliar with all the steps involved. We do our best to speak your language and view the world through your eyes.

Speaking the local lingo

Long-term residents and citizens will benefit from our tailored services and personalized approach to real estate in Antigua. Our books are packed full of all the right properties, places, and people, drawing on a dense network of real estate contacts, an extensive database, and inside-out knowledge of the islands to unlock exclusive opportunities.

Our little black book

Our curated contact list saves you time and energy, providing you with a little black book of experts on hand to ensure your legal representation, bank mortgages, and services are conducted as they should be. We vet all our partners, choosing to work with a high-end group of skilled professionals with a proven track record of serving up excellence.

We can supply architectural services thanks to our partnerships with a select few architectural firms. We also remain on hand to answer any questions you might have about everyday property transactions, with our assistance in this area considered a standard part of the services we offer.

To help our clients infuse their properties with atmosphere and style, we provide low-key interior design free of charge and will put you in touch with the people you need to elevate your property further. As part of the full Relocate Antigua experience, we draw on our network and many specialist partnerships to source the best advice available on the market, along with premium materials and furnishings – all at competitive prices.

Property management for peace of mind

Our project management services are reasonably priced and designed as an integral part of the property transaction. This add-on is of particular interest to buy-to-let investors seeking a smart investment and peace of mind.

Our property management services are ideal for foreign investors, who need contacts on the ground to handle everyday operations. Local clients may also find this service beneficial in relieving them from the everyday stresses that can arise as part of owning property. Cleaning, gardening, maintenance, rent collection, purchasing soft furnishings, and securing TV licenses can all mount up. We handle all these tasks on your behalf, giving you that most elusive and precious gift of all: time.

A reputation that speaks for itself

Meticulous personal attention, a tailored approach, and a friendly ear are part of Relocate Antigua’s DNA. We enjoy working closely with our clients, giving every one of them our full focus and a custom-built service. These values have afforded us a glowing reputation we are proud to have and committed to protecting. Reputation is hard to build and easy to lose, which is why we pour heart and soul into handling our clients’ needs and expectations with the greatest of care, irrespective of budget or plans.

We can’t wait to get started on turning your vision into reality, assisting you along the way in securing the ultimate investment property for you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for further details and insight into your ideas.