The property market in Antigua and Barbuda is thriving at present. Foreign investors and home-buyers are being lured towards the country, creating a blossoming business and investment climate, and consequently making it a wonderful time to invest in property.

However, if you are not able to tend to the property that you invest in due to factors such as time constraints, Relocate Antigua can be sure to help you. We can take care of tasks such as the up-keeping of the property, handling inquiries, sorting potential tenants, and other responsibilities which require the constant presence of a landlord.

That is why Relocate Antigua offers property management services to its clients. That is, our local industry professionals oversee, monitor, and manage your real estate investments. These include advertising the property which is up for rent in the Antigua real estate market, handling inquiries, screening potential tenants, selecting suitable candidates and others. We also take care of lease contracts and all maintenance issues.

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At Relocate Antigua we clearly understand what your property means to you. And it is this approach that is the foundation of our work in this field: We take care of yours as we would do of ours. Our properties are checked as often as you wish using a detailed checklist which documents all information and is signed off by the Supervisor. Information is archived digitally and securely for reference and documentation purposes. Our professional cleaning and maintenance staff which we use for our properties as well, work at the highest level of quality, are extremely professional and confidential.

We will take care of our property while you are away, organize rentals and other bookings, if you so desire and have your sanctuary ready for you, spic and span, fully stocked and ready for you to relax and unwind when you return. Give us a go and contact one of our Relocate Antigua Property Assistants today.

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