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Renting in Antigua

Renting a home in Antigua

Are you interested in renting a property in Antigua? There are many advantages to renting and Relocate Antigua will guide you to find the right home. We will create a unique plan based on your specifications to get you settled. There are many factors to consider when choosing a house for rent in Antigua and our professional agents will assist you inmaking the right choice.

Advantages of renting

  • Flexibility– Renting is generally a great choice for expatriates or digital nomads- people who are temporarily living in Antigua. You will find a wide range of properties across Antigua for short term rental.
  • No maintenance cost or Repair Responsibility– During your stay on the property, the landlord will be responsible for any repairs and improvements that are needed. However if you need to have personal maintenance, you can let us know and we will do our best to find you the help that you need.
  • Access to amenities– This is a great financial benefit to renting- you will have access to the amenities that come with the rental property such as a pool or a fitness within the home.

Our process

  1. Evaluating your situation and your needs- Firstly we will take into consideration all of your needs including:
  • Your budget– Our database of properties includes average listing prices in different areas in Antigua. We will evaluate your budget and your financing method to find the best options for homes for you.
  • Area Let us know where in Antigua you desire to live and we will do our best to find you the perfect home. Maybe you would like to live near the beach. There are countless rental options in deluxe locations such as English harbor and Jolly Harbor. There are also luxurious properties on the east of the island in locations such as Half Moon Bay, Non-Such Bay and Browns Bay. Whatever your choice of location, Relocate Antigua will help you get the perfect home. 
  • Your required features and amenities- How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? What is your required yard size? Will you need a driveway? What about nearby schools, medical care, and supermarkets? We will evaluate all of your specifications and take every step necessary to find you the perfect home.
  1. Full Inspection of the house and lease- Once you have made a decision, we will have our agents do a full inspection of the entire property as well as the lease ensuring that everything is in order.

Property evaluation

In the presence of the landlord, we will help to fully inspect the property before lease stage, documenting any existing damages as well as the general condition of the home and the exixting assets within. The importance of this evaluation is to ensure that the property is in suitable condition, as well as to create a positive and professional relationship between you and the landlord.

Lease Inspection

Our trained real estate agent will evaluate fully your rental agreement and assess all aspects including the payment agreement, the security deposit, utility agreement, insurance, and access to amenities.

Points to consider within the lease

  • Documentation of the property’s condition
  • Allowance of roomates, pets, children and visitors
  • Responsibilities regarding maintenance, pest control and repairs
  • Parking availability and allowance
  • Conditions of lease termination


After you have moved into your new home. You will need help with getting settled. Relocate Antigua offers personal assistance, personal shopping, and housekeeping services. We also assist with finding the right insurance cover for your home and personal belongings.

Contact us today for a free quote and let us help you find a great rental home in Antigua.

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Renting out your home in Antigua

After you have invested in property in Antigua, you may decide to use it to gain some profit while you are not occupying it. There are many things to consider before placing a house for rent in Antigua and you will need to be fully aware of the procedures and the stipulations before doing so. At Relocate Antigua we are dedicated to helping you get your house on the market.

With more foreigners relocating, there is a high demand for apartments for rent in Antigua and this has served to be a great venture for homeowners who live abroad.

Relocate Antigua is well versed in the steps of property rental and management!

We will help you:

  1. Buy or renovate a property.
  2. Formulate the rental cost & tenant requirements.
  3. Find tenants and rent the house to them.
  4. Maintain the property.
  5. Collect rent and pay taxes and bills

If you are planning to purchase a property specifically for renting, you will need to acquire factual knowledge about the area and all the amenities surrounding it.

We know that there are much more in-depth requirements to accomplish a successful position in this market and our team will work hand in hand with all the necessary parties involved.

Our team is well educated about all things Antigua and Barbuda and we will consider all the features of a profitable rental property before you make your choice such as:

  • Neighborhood– The location of a property is one of the most critical aspects. The neighborhood determines many factors including the price. Our agent will help you find the safest, cleanest, and affordable neighborhood to fit your needs.
  • Schools– If you plan to rent for families, you will need to consider the educational institutions available in the area. This is one of the main concerns of persons relocating to Antigua, They will need to ensure that their children are can be properly accommodated. Relocate Antigua can introduce you to some of the most prestigious schools on the island.

Relocate Antigua is prepared to help you make a meaningful and valuable investment.

Contact us for a quote and let us help you get the property of your dreams and turn it into profits for you.