Seaforth Beach

Where is Seaforth Beach ?


Seaforth Beach is a mile-long stretch of unspoiled white sand and iridescent waters on the Northwestern coast of Antigua. This extremely secluded beach sits on the edge of the village of Jennings which is about 30 minutes from St Johns City.


Seaforth, Antigua is accessible to the public but it is tucked away deep in the backlands of Jennings at the end of a very bumpy, rocky road. We advise you to take advantage of a guided ATV or buggy tour to Seaforth beach. Relocate Antigua will take care of all your tour bookings. Get in touch with us and let us help you get to the best-secluded beaches in Antigua.


One of the calmest beaches on the west of Antigua, Seaforth extends pristine white sands and unspoiled turquoise waters in a private tranquil setting. Surrounded by lush green hillsides and verdant mangroves, this beach is an ideal spot for a quiet and relaxing day. Reefs cover a large portion of this bay, so you will have a grand time snorkeling. The clear serene waters are great for swimming and non-motorized watersports such as kayaking. This is also a great spot for watching the beautiful Antiguan sunset.

About the beach

Food and Drink

Be sure to bring along your food and drink because this very secluded beach has no restaurants. Otherwise, you can go to Jolly harbor which is about 20 minutes from Seaforth beach.




Indulge in the refreshing waters while the gentle breeze caresses your skin under the warm Caribbean sun. Seaforth offers extremely calm waters perfect for swimming. Snorkeling can also be enjoyed here as there is a nice reef on the left side of the beach, so be sure to bring along your gear.


These calm waters are ideal for relaxing non-motorized watersports like kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding. Embark on an exciting kayak ride across the calm turquoise ocean or paddle gently while admiring the friendly colorful fishes swimming beneath you in the transparent water.

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Here are no accommodations near this beach as it is in a very remote area. However, you can seek accommodation at the hotels in and around Jolly Harbor as well as in Hermitage Bay. Relocate Antigua will help you find the best accommodations in the west of Antigua.

Scenic Spots

To the left of the beach is a vast mountain shaped like a face called the sleeping Indian. This makes an incredible backdrop for photos as well as all the other lush green landscapes that surround. Seaforth beach, Antigua also offers magnificent sunset views.


What To Bring

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