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You’ve worked on your tan, gone diving with sharks, sailed around the coast and chowed down on as much jerk chicken as you can handle – what next? Antigua casinos. While the Caribbean may be best loved for its sea, sun and surf, there’s a lot to be said for hitting the town once night falls and soaking up the balmy buzz of an evening out in Antigua. Nothing quite gets the adrenaline coursing through the veins than a night around a poker table, with fresh, zingy cocktails served with style in the hushed atmosphere of a casino.

Many Antigua casinos have now closed their doors definitively as a result of a tightening in legislation. As offshore regulations and licensing opportunities have sky-rocketed, and the Internet has become more readily available globally, online gambling and gaming [link to iGaming articles when online] have taken the world by storm, putting many bricks-and-mortar casinos out of business.

But fear not! Relocate Antigua goes behind the scenes, leading you into the soft-lit rooms of King’s Casino – one of the Caribbean’s most thrilling gambling destinations. As your local experts on the ground, we know how to get you into the heart of the action. We’ve thrown in a handful of lower-key options and Antigua casino hotels to get your pulse racing, and invite you to get in touch with our insider teams if there’s anything specific you have in mind.

Time to roll the dice…

Gambling in Antigua

Gambling is entirely legal in this island nation. Antigua and Barbuda is up there with the world’s biggest online gambling providers, and has been issuing licenses and regulating the sector since 1994. Initially lax – and consequently home to a number of low-quality venues and websites – Antigua tightened up its regulations and now has a strong track record in protecting players.

For in-depth details of official regulations and guidelines, check Antigua’s Offshore Gaming website.

Welcome to King’s Casino – Antigua’s only remaining casino of note

If you’re wondering what the best casino in Antigua is, there’s really only one name you need to know. Facing out to sea at St John’s Cruise Port, King’s Casino is Antigua’s premier hotspot for all acquaintances of Lady Luck.

The house boasts a range of fun facilities and activities, treating visitors to a 360-degree experience to keep them entertained for hours. Fully air-conditioned with professional security and friendly staff, this is a feel-good setting in which to while away an evening.

  • 350 state-of-the-art slot machines
  • Card and table games
  • Live action sports book
  • Karaoke
  • Live music and sing-along performances
  • Bar and complimentary drinks

The casino’s location right in the beating heart of Antigua’s capital makes it the perfect way of rounding off the day in style. Hit the beach in the morning, follow up with window-shopping and a trip to the Zemi art gallery in downtown Saint John’s, and head for an after-dinner drink before a game of blackjack. The only question is: are you feeling lucky?

Slot machines

  • Colossus: King’s Casino boasts the world’s biggest slot machine. This giant towers a staggering 15 feet tall, and pays out a whopping $15,000 in prize money. No mean feat.
  • Multigame progressive machines: This system hooks up several of the casino’s most popular games to multiply your chance of winning big.
  • Over 350 different slot machines: From old classics to new and exciting technology, join the locals as they test their luck, and get rewarded with big pay-outs.

Table games

  • A total of 15 table games
  • Tried-and-tested crowd-pleasers: Blackjack, poker, roulette.
  • Caribbean classics: Spanish 21, Caribbean Stud, Blackjack Switch. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in a little local gaming culture. You might just leave with a new favourite.

A night out at the casino

Heart set on a big night out at King’s Casino? Good choice. Antigua’s number-one gambling destination is within striking distance of a plethora of bars and restaurants, giving you ample opportunity to turn your evening into a royal flush.

Here are a few of Relocate Antigua’s favourites – and don’t forget we’re just a call away for bookings or more personalised recommendations. Drop us a line to find out what we can do for you: our experts have more than one ace up their sleeves. 


Easy, casual diner-style dining with a healthy dash of Caribbean flair. Spicy chicken wings, pizzas, tropical smoothies, a salad bar and burgers, all washed down with an icy beer. Just the thing for eating on the fly before hitting the tables.

It doesn’t get much closer than this. Right next door to the casino, Cheers Antigua is a hang-loose kind of a place serving up grilled meats, lobster platters and fried fish, all in a lively, relaxed atmosphere.


A hugely popular sports bar in Antigua where visitors can sample local beers and rum, grab a light bite and soak up the warm and welcoming vibe.

  • Francine Bar

A short walk north gets you to Francine Bar – pull up a bar stool or shoot some pool at one of the tables.

Lower-key gaming and gambling experiences


If you’re not in the mood for the hustle and bustle of King’s Casino, Antigua is home to a handful of lower-key venues for a more casual approach to getting your gambling fix.

Run by the friendly folk behind King’s Casino, Paradise casino Antigua is a smaller affair with a more intimate feel, located a short stroll south, just around the corner from the public market complex – ideal for a walk through downtown Saint John’s, a chance to pick up some local produce and a taste of authentic atmosphere.

This candy-coloured venue is a spirit-lifter from the moment you set eyes on it. Inside, slot machines, a bar and restaurant await. Don’t miss the grab-and-go pasta Thursday specials, and try the saltfish and corn-on-the-cob whilst you’re here. If you’re on the lookout for Antigua casino hotels, this venue has hotel rooms upstairs, leaving you to relax without worrying about getting home after hours.

A fun, friendly and fuss-free place to spend an evening. Try your luck on the slots and make the most of the frequent pay-outs. Chilled beers and a warm atmosphere for all-round good-time vibes.

Former glories: casinos in Antigua now closed definitively

Faced with stiff competition from the online gambling industry, many of Antigua’s casinos have now closed.

Once upon a time, the Grand Bay Casino offered dice roulette, blackjack, poker and a champagne bar right next door to the Sandals Grande resort at Dickenson Bay. Those heady days seem to be gone, as the casino has since closed its doors.

  • Asot’s Arcade

Very little information on this arcade exists, but the establishment has now definitively shut.

Whether you’re a slot machine fan or a poker pro, Relocate Antigua specialises in crafting perfect stays tailored to your unique preferences. We make it a point of pride to provide our clients with unforgettable experiences and a true taste of everything Antigua and Barbuda has to offer. Our teams of local experts draw on an extensive network of contacts to get you everything you need – whether it’s putting together your ideal Antigua gambling holiday, or booking activities and hotels. Reach out to our specialists and let them know what you have in mind.

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