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Welcome to Turners Beach

You can enjoy a low surf  and some sunshine at Turners ! The smooth waters at Turners are ideal for swimming and snorkelling. The waters are crystal clear and calm almost all year round creating absolute beach bliss. It is the perfect beach to have a lazy day without a crowd.

You can snorkel, walk down the stretch of the beach over and over again or take a short hike and adventure up the hill around.

Turners Beach antigua

Where is Turners Beach?


Located on the southwestern side of the island of Antigua, Turners is located near Johnsons Point which is a little past the famous Jolly Harbour.


This is a very accessible beach on the western stretch, right off Valley Road. Turners takes up a small strech of Picarts Bay.

Things To Do


Catamaran Cruises

A catamaran cruise that stops at Turners beach is one of the best ways to enjoy the beach in a relaxing and carefree fun way. You can dip your toes in the tranquil waters or top-up your tan.

You go on to spend the day sailing along the stunning Antiguan coastline taking in small unique bays with virgin sands and the turquoise waters around Antigua.

snorkeling in Turners Beach


While the beach is serene from the sand and in the water, you would not believe what lies beneath the surface of the sea. Just a few feet from the shore is a wondrous world filled with starfish and curious fish all waiting for you to discover.

Resorts on the Beach


Keyonna Beach Resort Antigua is a quaint boutique hotel offering a beach-front location with sweeping views of the colorful Caribbean Sea.

A collection of rustic yet luxurious cottages located just a short walk away from the beach, Keyonna is best suited for couples and honeymooners seeking a romantic and relaxing getaway in a scenic, stress-free environment with excellent food and drinks and in the company of happy, friendly people.

Restaurants on the Beach

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Turners Beach Bar

Turner’s Beach Bar is the only beach bar on the stretch of the Turners beach. It is a great place to unwind all day long. They feature amenities such as a car park, restrooms, beach umbrellas, showers and a small souvenir and clothing boutique.

Their restaurant offers an authentic West Indian menu which includes some great Antiguan classics like conch fritters, red snapper, roti and lots of vegetarian options.

Secret Spots

Secluded Spots

On either sides of the beach you can find a quiet secluded spot to to relax and enjoy your beach day in peace. On the left side of the beach, you can find a spot closer to the hill and explore the shady waters near the rocks.

Towards the right side of the beach a little bit past Keyonna Beach Resort, you can find lots of palm trees and relax on a shadier more tropical atmosphere.

Take a stroll on the hill

On the left side of Turners, there is a small rocky hill that you can walk or hike around. You can walk over it and adventure to another small beach near Turners.

Picture Worthy Spots

Montserrat can be seen on a clear day from almost everywhere on the coastal southern side of the island. On most days at Turners you can island watch. Sometimes you can even see another small island near Antigua named Redonda in the distance.

These islands in the distance usually make as a great photo spot!

Picture Worthy Spots

The sunsets at Turners and all of the surrounding beaches are magical during sunset. Pausing in the moment and be thankful for the day. Sunset is always a good time to do this and hopefully the weather conditions will be just right for one of nature’s best movies…



What To Bring

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