What is Real Estate Investment?

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You know how to work for your money but how do you make your money work for you? How do you turn a single amount of money into long-term returns? It may seem complex, but investing can be a simple solution that will have you earning more than you initially put in. There are many different investment options from stocks to shares and real estate. But what is real estate investment and what does it mean to invest in real estate in Antigua?  

What is Real Estate Investment?  

Real Estate investment can be defined as the purchase, and management of property for a profit. Real estate investments depend on cash flow to keep generating returns. Real estate investments come in different forms including residential, commercial, and industrial. There are several benefits and risks of investing in real estate, but if you gain the right amount of knowledge, your real estate investment will provide you with many opportunities helping you expand your horizon as an investor.  

In Antigua, investing in Real Estate can mean more than just a place to call your own; you can also be granted Citizenship for yourself and your family.  

Types of Real Estate Investments 

There are different types of Real Estate Investments and before you make your decision, you should consider all the options.  

Residential Real Estate Investment  

Residential Real Estate is the most common choice of real estate investment and covers properties that are used for residential purposes. This includes single-family homes, cooperatives, duplexes, condos, townhouses. Residential real estate covers the land as well as the buildings on it. This form of real estate investment is most profitable as the demand for housing only grows, especially in places like the Caribbean where relocation is quite common. Money is earned by renting out the property to tenants who stay for a period depending on their lease. Residential Real estate investments usually require a property manager who specializes in the field, as you may not be present to oversee things. If you would like to know more about outsourcing management for your real estate investment in Antigua, read our article on property management.  

Commercial Real Estate Investment  

Commercial Real Estate Investment involves all properties exclusively used for business purposes. This includes:  

  • apartment complexes  
  • gas stations  
  • grocery stores 
  • hospitals 
  • hotels 
  • offices 
  • parking facilities 
  • restaurants 
  • shopping centers 
  • stores  
  • theaters

Owners of commercial properties can gain profits from the costly rent rates for properties used as a workspace. Commercial Real Estate can be divided into four classes:  

  • Office buildings   
  • Retail space  
  • Industrial or storage  
  • Multi-family rental property

Real estate Investors can profit more from commercial spaces with multiple businesses, but operating the entire property can be difficult. Commercial property managers specialize in taking care of all aspects of commercial properties including administration duties such as advertising, selecting tenants and, preparing leases, collecting rent, and overseeing maintenance and repairs.  

Real Estate
Real Estate in Antigua and Barbuda

Industrial Real Estate Investment  

Industrial Real Estate is part of commercial real estate and can be defined as properties used for industrial purposes. From small warehouses, to large factories, industrial spaces come in all shapes and sizes and serve as manufacturing and distribution areas. There are several types of Industrial properties including:  

  • Warehouse/Distribution Buildings 
  • Manufacturing Buildings  
  • Data Hosting Centres  
  • Showroom buildings  
  • Flex Buildings

Benefits of Real Estate Investments

Benefits of Residential Real Estate Investments  

  • Borrowing advantages – Residential rental properties can benefit you in more ways than one, but one of the most exciting advantages is the ability to leverage one property to purchase another. This creates an ongoing opportunity for the real estate investor.  
  • Cash Flow– Renting out your vacant residential property is a great option as a property owner. This gives you a steady income from your leases which can allow you to invest in other properties or industries in Antigua.  
  • Tax Benefits– Owning residential properties will make you exempt from certain taxes. Rental income is not subject to self-employment tax. Real estate owners also have the advantage of lower tax rates, allowing them an ease to make future investments.  
  • Inflation- Much like agriculture investments, real estate is a hedge against inflation. The more the property rises in value, the more the cash flow of the investor.  
  • You call the shots– The best part of the real estate business is that you are your own boss and the success of your business depends entirely on you. You may need the support of a property manager at some point and when you are ready, Relocate Antigua will be there to help you with that.  
  • Citizenship benefits– Investing in Real Estate is just one of the ways that you can gain your Antiguan Citizenship which will give you incredible benefits including visa-free travel to over 165 countires.  

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate 

  • Less Competition– Think about it: Residential Real Estate is at the top of the real estate market, which means the prices of commercial properties are higher and the ability to find them a bit more difficult. Commercial properties may just be easier to source affordable properties to invest in. 
  • Longer Leases– In comparism to residential, commercial properties operate on longer leases, so your cash flow will be certain for longer periods of time.  
  • A more diverse portfolio– As an investor, you may benefit in the long run from showing that you own commercial real estate. This may give you advantages for your future investments.  

Benefits of Industrial Real Estate  

Higher Rental Income– Because industrial property runs of fixed yearly leases, the rental income is greater than other types of properties.  

Self-maintained– Most tenants of industrial buildings will take it upon themselves to provide maintenance for the property. This will ease the stress of sourcing property management and allow you to focus on your other investments. 

Real Estate in Antigua  

The Antigua real estate market is one sought after by many, but why? Well firstly, who doesn’t want to own a home on a beautuiful tropical island? Antigua and Barbuda is a picturesque piece of paradise offering a mix of freedom, peace and excitiement. With 365 magnificent beaches, the islands are the prime holiday and relocation destination. But how does Real Estate in Antigua really benefit you? An how do you get started?  

Besides having an international airport which allows for fast and efficient travel, Antigua is one of the Caribbean countries which offers incredible benefits for it’s citizens. You may be wondering, but im not an Antiguan citizen. Well great news, you can be! Gaining your Antiguan citizenship is not asa hard as you think. You first have to invest in one of three options: A Development fund, the University of the West Indies, or Real Estate. Becoming an Antiguan citizen will give you incredible benefits like Tax residency and Visa free travel and Relocate Antigua will walk you through the basics about real estate investment in Antigua.  

Buying Real Estate in Antigua  

If you have your eyes set on a property in Antigua, but you aren’t sure how to go about making it yours, we will guide you through it:  

  1. Find your dream property- The Antigua real estate market offers great properties in several different prime areas in Antigua. Whether you want a residential or commercial property, our agents will help you find the one that best suits your budget and preference.   
  2. Obtain your Non-Citizen’s Land Holding License- At this stage, our lawyers will take care of the entire process for obtaining this license so that you can legally be a property owner in Antigua.  
  3. Finance your Purchase- Finally, you will need to finance your purchase of the property by paying the different legal fees and the actual property cost. If you require a mortgage or other financial guidance to secure your property ownership, we can assist you.  

Citizenship by investment in Antigua Real Estate 

Securing your Antiguan citizenship is possible by investing in real estate In Antigua. A minimum investment of 40,000 in approved real estate properties can be your key to holding an Antiguan passport. Some of the other costs that come with this investment include:  

  • Government processing fees  
  • Due Diligence fees 

The process to acquire your citizenship through real estate investment won’t be difficult with Relocate Antigua as your guide:   

  1. Secure your purchase with a sale agreement from the developer 
  2. Submit the required documents to the CIU (our agent will do this on your behalf)  
  3. Pay the necessary fees  
  4. Wait for approval  
  5. Pay the rest of the processing fees and make the official property payment  
  6. The property’s title will then be registered in your name and you will receive a certificate of registration. 
  7. Submit the certificate of registration and other documentation to the passport office.  
  8. Collect your passport and take an oath of allegiance in Antigua and Barbuda or in the nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consular Office. 

For more information on this process, you can read our article on Antigua Real Estate: An Expert Guide. 


There are many types of investments, but real estate is one of the most profiting, especially in Antigua. Whether you want to secure property for your own use or for renting purposes, you will surely benefit from real estate investing. Relocate Antigua offers expert real estate services in Antigua.

We take care of all your concerns and guide you to making profitable investments that will generate great long term returns. Pick up the phone and let us be your guide.  

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