Winthorpes Bay Beach

Where is Winthorpes Bay Beach?


Winthorpes Bay sits on the northeastern coast of Antigua about 5 minutes from the airport and is used as the docking area to get to the luxurious Jumby Bay Island- a private island fitted with the Jumby Bay Beach resort, villas, and restaurants.


Winthorpes Bay is easily accessible-being right next to Burna main Road. It is the location of Jumby Bay Dock and from the beach, you can see spectacular views of the island in the distance.


This unspoiled piece of tropical beauty is one of Antigua’s precious secluded beaches. It is very secluded with glimmering white sands and vibrant reefs all around the bay. A ferry to the magnificent Jumby Bay Beach in Antigua can be accessed here. Here you will find various birds making it an ideal spot for bird watching. It is also a great snorkeling area due to the great reef that stretches all across the bay. The relaxed atmosphere is enhanced by the lush vegetation and tall palm trees sheltering the bay, providing lots of shade so you can lounge and enjoy the serenity.

About the beach

Food and Drink

Cecilias café

At the edge of the neighboring Dutchmans Bay, Cecilias café serves unique cuisine with a Scandinavian flair in a chilled atmosphere. Cecilia is known for her attention to detail and her delicious dishes.

The restaurant features a deck where you can sit and dine in the cool breeze while admiring mesmerizing views of the blue ocean. Choose from delectable seafood dishes and various kinds of pasta. Cecilias offers one of a kind dining experience.

Runway 10 café

This is a beautiful restaurant and café located to the east of winthorpes bay offering local and international cuisine and a relaxed vibe. The beautiful landscape leaves nothing to desire with lush flowers and palm trees sheltering the property. Experience a unique menu featuring buffet-style dining with dishes such as traditional Antiguan meals, a variety of salads, quiches, fresh bread, and cakes. Brunch, lunch, and dinner are served and you will be treated to delicious mimosas.

Whether you just need a quick lunch, or you want to plan a romantic dinner, Runway 10 is the perfect spot. If you want to book a reservation in advance, Relocate Antigua can do it for you.

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Relax and observe majestic pelicans in their natural habitat at Winthorpes Bay. This beach is favored by birds because of the many fishes that live within the reef.

You can chill under the shade of a coconut tree and observe these creatures as they perch and prey on colorful fishes; swooping down to capture them at the right moment.


The reef extends all around the bay and is easily accessible as it is practically steps from the shore. Enjoy shallow snorkeling and swim with the beautiful friendly fishes that live in these calm iridescent waters.

Picture-worthy spots

There are beautiful picture-worthy areas all around the beach with sparkling white sand and lush green trees that surround the beach.

What To Bring

Special notes

There is no accommodation near this beach, but it is worth the visit. Beautiful nature to admire and an endless reef for exploration. You can see Jumby Bay Island from here.

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