Professional HR services

Connecting companies with Human Resources in Antigua

Professional HR services

human resources in Antigua

Relocate Antigua sources, screens and qualifies human resources for your business on Antigua. Whether you are an established company or recently incorporated, we are there to assist you during the whole process.

We connect you with potential candidates that meet your requirements. This service operates across all industries, including niche markets and the educational sector, as well as companies for which finding specialised staff can be challenging. Through our international network, we source professionals for which we do not have a workforce on the island.

Antigua is a stunning spot in the Caribbean – both a booming tourist destination as well as an investment hub for international businesses: A country that boasts a thriving local workforce while attracting skilled individuals from around the globe.

After understanding your business’ specific employment needs, we will source relevant profiles and propose ideal candidates. The selection process is rigorous, and you can opt for different background checks to be carried out.

While we help companies to find employees, we pride ourselves to help Antiguan citizens and residents to find suitable employment  opportunities across the island that match their skillset. These are jobs that they might otherwise never have been aware of.

Our HR service covers a range of industries, including:

Aviation & Aerospace
Banking & Insurance
Consumer & Services
Education, E-Commerce
Financial Services & Consulting
Information Technology
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Hotel, Leisure & Tourism
Media & Advertising
Power & Energy
Private Equity
Telecommunications etc.


If you’re a skilled worker or qualified practitioner in any of these areas, we can connect you with businesses that are seeking to employ:

Nursing and Hospital Staff
Taxi Drivers
Food Services
Legal assistants
Personal Assistants
Call Centre Staff
Airport Staff
Hotel and Hospitality Staff
Marketing Professionals
Immigration Officers
Information Technology Professionals
Security Staff
Financial Advisors
Medical Doctors
Flight Attendants
Teaching Staff
Construction Workers
Customer Service Staff

Whether you are a business just about to open your doors, an established business looking to hire new staff, or an individual looking for work on the island, Human Resources Antigua is a useful hub that can connect the dots and help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a professional and approachable manner.

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