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Getting around Antigua is not that hard, there are multiple options including taxis, rental cars, and even public transportation. But at some point, you may decide to buy a vehicle of your own. The truth is, your choice of an automobile may not be on the island, or it may be there but not within your price range.

Buying anything online is a risk. But with the right guidance and information, you can successfully buy and ship your car to Antigua with little stress. In this article, we will be looking at some of the ways in which you can do so, with special attention to the process of Antigua and Barbuda car import.

What do I need to know when buying a car online?

Buying a car online
Buying a car online

You may have your personal reasons for going the online route and not the traditional car dealership way, but the number one thing that drives people to make that decision is the convenience- the ability to scroll through options and search for the specs you desire without leaving the comfort of your home. But buying a car online is not like buying an outfit. There are rules to follow, things to be aware of, and procedures that require special attention. Here are the top 5 things to consider when buying a car online:

Consider your situation

When you start to research it first, consider properly your personal situation. Is this your first car? How will you be paying for it? What type of car would best suit your way of life? What is your budget? Your budget is one of the most important factors to consider as you will have to think about shipping costs and the specific duties that you will need to pay to ship a car to Antigua.

Analyze your options

Finding car options online is easy but knowing how to choose the right car is hard. When you have settled on an option be sure to ask the dealerships or the sellers a few questions. There are many things to look at when analyzing your options but here are the main ones:

  • Model and trim line
  • Actual cost and additional fees
  • Milage
  • Payment terms
  • Warranty

Things to consider If you are looking at buying a used car

  • Car History- where and when it was bought
  • Car condition- Has it been serviced, has it been in any accidents?
  • What discounts are available?

Consider the seller

Be sure to take special time out to research the dealership or company that you are buying the vehicle from. One of the risks of buying a car online is that you won’t be able to test drive the car or see it in person until it gets here. That’s why you will need to do intense research and ensure that the source is liable and reliable. Make sure you are dealing with a company that has all the details and information about their vehicles.

Ensure they can provide you with a vehicle history report. It is a good idea to have an experienced agent like Relocate Antigua assist you with this part and ensure that all the legal documents can be produced upon request. Ensure that you read through the company’s return policy so that you know

Financing considerations

So, you’ve decided on the car you want, you know the details and the cost. But how do you plan to finance the purchase? Will you be paying cash or will be you be seeking out a loan from a bank in Antigua? You may want to ask the dealer about part exchange and the deposit amount.

Car loan in Antigua

Get in touch with us for information on banking in Antigua.

Pros and cons of buying a car online


  • Save time: This is the main reason that people choose to buy cars online. Physically visiting dealerships in Antigua is very time-consuming and online shopping allows you almost all the same abilities that physical shopping does. Instead of hour-long conversations with dealers and negotiating and waiting for different processes, all the information will be placed online, and if you have any more questions there may also be FAQ sections on the site to facilitate your inquiries. Documents can be acquired and submitted all in one place and at your own convenience.
  • Return policies: Something you won’t find at a regular dealership. Most online dealerships offer return policies that allow you to return the vehicle after a certain amount of time if you have any issues. Most companies give a full refund if the return is made within a week, and they also offer an option to exchange your car.
  • Global Search: The selection of vehicles on the island may not entail the ones that you desire, but if you shop online, you will be able to expand your search beyond your geographical location. Buying a car on the internet will offer you the ability to see cars in different countries and of different conditions and models.


You can’t negotiate prices: Most times, online dealerships have fixed rates since they operate off competitive pricing models. This is one of the few disadvantages to buying a car online. However, if you are buying from a local platform such as Facebook, sellers may be open to negotiating especially if it is a used car.

Shipping Fees: Customs and shipping fees for vehicles tend to be very high for vehicles. When you buy online you will have to abide by specific taxes and duties to bring your vehicle to Antigua. That is why you should outsource the entire procedure to our highly trained brokers who will ensure that you are not paying more than you should.

Antigua vehicles import procedure

After you have bought your car, it’s time to ship your car to Antigua. There are a lot of procedures and details included in this process, but with an experienced agent from Relocate Antigua by your side, you can get through it all quickly and easily.

Antigua vehicles import procedure

Procedure to clear vehicle from customs Antigua

  1. Contact your broker to take care of and submit your warrant i.e. Customs Declaration Form using the invoice and Bill of Lading to the Customs department.
  2. Await the valuation officer who oversees examining your vehicle to verify the cost, quantity, and type of refrigerant.
  3. After this, the broker will submit the refrigerant form to the National Ozone Office for approval.
  4. Obtain the Waiver of Environmental Levy at Minister of Agriculture, this waiver exempts vehicles up to 1-year-old a rate of $1,000.00 and used vehicles over 1 year old $4,000.00
  5. All documents and warrants will need to be submitted to Customs for processing and collecting of applicable duties and taxes.
  6. Once all fees and duties have been paid, your Broker will now take the warrant to be stamped by the Port Authority then to the Transit department, payment will be verified, and documents stamped.
  7.  A release will be given and then you can clear your vehicle from the port.

You can get in touch with Relocate Antigua for the most reliable import and export services on the island. Let us help you get your car to Antigua.

Customs clearance duties for cars/how long it takes

The Duties and taxes for clearing a car in Antigua are not fixed and are based on the Customs Value of the vehicle which includes:

  • Cost
  • Car insurance
  • Shipping cost.

Documents required

  • Import license from Ministry of Trade
  • Refrigerant form from the National Ozone Office within the Ministry of Trade
  • Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Environmental Levy Form


Buying a car online is definitely a great option if you want more options to choose from. When it comes to shipping your car, we will take care of it. But if you prefer to rent a vehicle for your travels in Antigua you can check out this article. For more information on transportation in Antigua, have a look at this video on our travel network.

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