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Medical Cannabis

The Medical Cannabis industry offers an alternative form of therapy for the treatment of many illnesses and diseases such as cancer or Multiple Sclerosis. With attention on this booming industry, what it offers is a great source of economic wealth to any country. Antigua and Barbuda have decriminalized marijuana and will serve as an exporter where medical cannabis is grown, harvested and sent to pharmaceutical companies that distribute the prescribed drug.

In light of this, a new Medical Cannabis Authority has recently been created by the Government to purposely regulate and control the licensing of the cultivation, manufacturing, process, extraction, import, export, testing, research, distribution and sale of medicinal cannabis, as well as cannabis for sacramental purposes.

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The Medical Cannabis Board or officially the Board of the Antigua and Barbuda Medicinal Cannabis Authority is headed by 10 members of different industries to guard adherence to the Cannabis Regulations 2019.

This follows the 2018 Cannabis Bill, which served two main functions in its creation, primarily it regulated the production, prescription and supply of medical cannabis to patients and also states that Rastafarians and other religious denominations are allowed to possess, cultivate and supply cannabis for religious reasons. Recreational use is not legalized by this bill.

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