Global Citizen programs in Antigua and Barbuda: the how’s and why’s

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Global citizen programs and obtaining second passports have become a topic of significant interest in recent years. Is it one of the markers of the spread of globalisation? Perhaps.

The identification as a global citizen is a matter of personal principles and individual identity. However, due to their costs, the practical aspects of this are still accessible mainly to high-net individuals.

Facts show that entrepreneurs, investors, and others whose lifestyle involves frequent travels and international business dealings, are exploring options of residency and citizenship programs in other countries.

Since you’re reading this page, you probably identify with one of the groups above—you are already a global citizen.

Interested in exploring practical opportunities that come with this status? You’ve come to the right place!

Why would you look into a Citizen programs?

There is a variety of reasons why people explore Citizen programs. You might want to:

  • Capitalize on better tax rates.
  • Start, or move an existing business abroad.
  • Invest in local enterprises.
  • Buy property for future retirement.

Or, perhaps you want to get a second passport to increase your travelling flexibility. These are just some of the many options programs enable you to achieve.

Citizen programs-antigua-and-barbuda

How to assess Citizen programs?

It’s important to note that each country and jurisdiction has very specific legal requirements and governmental regulations. To navigate these rules fluently, one needs to have well-established relationships with local authorities and governmental representatives.

At Relocate Antigua we focus on one location. We cover all aspects of Global Citizen programs in Antigua and Barbuda, and we are specialists in that.

Our team’s intimate familiarity with the country’s regulations ensures quick assessment of your needs. Government-licensed experts at Relocate Antigua have a wealth of experience to make the processing of your documents smooth.

Ready to take advantage of your status as a global citizen? Programs we assist with at Relocate Antigua offer just that. Explore our services to learn more about the benefits of moving to Antigua, getting residence, investments in real estate, and property management.

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Table of Contents

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