Antigua Customs Regulations and how to import and export

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The moving around of goods can prove to be very stressful at times especially in the Caribbean where there are many different laws and regulations. The Antigua and Barbuda customs department seeks to provide fair and impartial duties and taxes to citizens and visitors alike. The customs departments are responsible for: 

  • The processing of documents for the importation and exportation of goods
  • The collection of duties and taxes for import and export purposes
  • The implementation of import and export prohibitions and restrictions following the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Facilitating the entry and departure of ships and aircraft to and from ports, airports, and marinas.
  • Facilitating concessions
  • Aiding in the seizure of drugs and contraband items.


The reality is that there will always be a need for the enforcement of Antigua customs regulations and restrictions with business relating to the import and export of goods in and out of Antigua and Barbuda. Therefore, there is a variety of laws that are utilized to execute smooth procedures at customs ports on the islands.

Disembarkation and Embarkation

Any person who disembarks in Antigua is subject to the direction of customs. Firstly, after deboarding the vessel the individual must go to the designated Antigua airport customs-controlled area and remain there to under the necessary checks by officers and other personnel. Baggage must then be presented for thorough examination and questions answered honestly and accurately.

The procedure is the same for embarking a vessel in Antigua. All outgoing baggage must be checked thoroughly by officers and information presented in both written and verbal form.

The required taxes and arrival or departure fees must be paid before the individual is allowed to proceed beyond the customs department and the Antigua immigration customs form must be filled out accurately and honestly. We will guide you through these processes every step of the way.

If any individual fails to comply with the customs disembarkation and embarkation regulations, they will subject to a $10,000.00 fee.

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Import and export

When it comes to the import and export of goods, the Antigua and Barbuda customs department strives to enforce strict laws to control the traffic of items in and out of the country.

The person importing and exporting the goods must first present a declaration stating the containments and purpose of the goods. After filing for the entry or the departure of the goods, they will be required to uncover, open, and unpack packages as directed by the officer/s for thorough inspection and assessment.

The main document required to clear goods is known as the Single Administrative Document (SAD) or also known as the customs entry form. Your Relocate Antigua broker will be allowed to complete this form on your behalf, providing you with an easier way to complete your customs procedures. Contact us today for your free initial quote.

Duties and taxes

What if I told you that the main customs duties and taxes are exempt for individuals, investors, or companies relocating to Antigua and Barbuda permanently? Well, one of the many benefits of investing in this tropical tax haven is the Antigua customs allowance. If you can prove your permanent relocation, you will be exempt from paying these taxes. If you are here for a visit the duties and taxes are as follows.

Antigua Customs Division collects certain taxes and duties including:

Import Duty

Antigua Import Duties are charged on goods coming into Antigua. The average import tax for Antigua is 20% and is calculated by the value (weight, condition, and price) of the item.

ABST (Antigua Barbuda Sales Tax)

Antigua Barbuda Sales Tax is a tax imposed on all taxable supplies going through the customs department. ABST is a flat rate of 15%.

RRC (Revenue Recovery tax)

Revenue recovery is levied at 10%.

Environmental levy

Environmental Levy is charged on appliances and items that can be recycled such as bottled and canned juices and other food items. For example, for used items like fridges, washing machines, stoves the average charge would be about EC$100.00 per item. For new items, however, this price will be higher based on the price stated in your declaration and For canned juices/sodas, it is generally EC$0.25 per can.

Car Import

If you are relocating to this sunny twin-island state, you will need a means of transportation. When it comes to getting around, Relocate Antigua is well equipped to find you a vehicle to fulfill all of your needs. With our car and chauffeur services, you will be given the guarantee of having a reliable vehicle promptly. Give us a call today.

Vehicle customs clearance procedure

  1. The customs broker or the importer must first prepare the Customs Declaration Form using information from the invoice and the bill of landing and then submit this document to the personnel in the transit shed.
  2. At this point, A valuation officer will then inspect the vehicle to verify the cost of the vehicle and the quantity and type of the refrigerant.
  3. The broker/importer will then take the refrigerant form to the national ozone office for approval and documentation. 
  4. The importer will then collect the environmental levy form from the Environmental Protection Unit. This levy may is calculated depending on the age of the vehicle. For example vehicles up to 1 year are charged a rate of $1,000.00 and vehicles over 1 year- $4,000.00.
  5. All forms and supporting documents must then be submitted to the customs department for processing and collecting duties and taxes.
  6. After the payments have been made, the broker or importer will take the warrant to be stamped at the Port Authority located at Deep Water Harbor. The customs authority at the transit shed will then verify and stamp all documents and the vehicle will be released by the port authority.

Generally, duties and taxes are calculated based on the Customs value of the vehicle. The value consists of the open market cost, shipping cost, and insurance. You may visit the Antigua Barbuda customs website for further information on concessions and a duty calculator. For more information on Antigua car import policy.

Free Import

There are a few items that are free from Antigua import tax. The following are the type and quantities of items.


  • 200 cigarettes
  • 100 cigarillos
  • 50 cigars
  • Up to 250 grams of manufactured tobaccos


Up to 2 liters of wine and spirits.


Funds up to US$10,000.00.


Personal goods that are valued at up to EC$700.00.

Prohibited Import

Of course, certain items just won’t make the list. These include:

  • Firearms and ammunition presenting
  • Pipes and utensils intended for the use in the consumption of drugs prohibited by the laws of Antigua and Barbuda.
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Certain Wild Fauna and Flora eg. Live animals and their products, certain endangered species of plants.

Restricted import and export

The following items are allowed under certain circumstances:

  • Pets, animals, and meat must be accompanied by a veterinary license from the Veterinary & Livestock Division.
  • Plants must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate and an import/export permit.
  • Games used for gambling require authorization by the customs and excise comptroller.
  • Tear gas is allowed with a form of authorization from the Commissioner of Police.
  • False currency requires authorization from the customs and excise comptroller.
  • Herbs/Plants for medicinal use require authorization from the Chief Medical officer or the Chief Veterinary Officer.
  • Arms or ammunition require written permission from the Commissioner of Police. 


Antigua Customs and immigration departments have their fair number of regulations, prohibitions, and restrictions, therefore it’s in your best interest to know beforehand what to expect. Relocate Antigua will equip you with the correct information about Antigua customs charges and processes. Our trained brokers will assist you in the Antigua customs and immigration processes, as well as import and export consultancy services helping you get you and your goods in and out of Antigua with ease.

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Table of Contents

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