What is relocation assistance?

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When you’re sitting at a desk on a cold Monday morning, watching the emails pour into your inbox as the rain streams down the windows, your mind inevitably turns to relocating.

Cloudless blue skies, sand between your toes and a chilled cocktail glass in your hand, as you balance your laptop on your knees and gaze out to sea – the dream is undeniably an appealing one.

Our world is an increasingly mobile place, and companies today offer more opportunities for relocating than ever before. But what can you expect from a relocation package? How does relocation assistance work, and what is a reasonable relocation package?

Read on for Relocate Antigua’s expert insight…

What does relocation assistance mean?

If you’re looking to move to a new city or considering starting a new job somewhere exciting, rest assured that companies today are well versed in relocating employees, and relocation package jobs are now par for the course.

As a general rule, relocation assistance comes into play when a company or business provides an employee with help in securing a position elsewhere, and assists with all related expenses – from temporary housing and moving expenses to shipping costs, covering school fees and potentially even pet insurance.

Relocation assistance tends to be associated with larger companies and multinationals, and is tailored to each individual’s specific circumstances.

What do corporate relocation packages cover?

A typical relocation package will cover a certain number of essential expenses to make relocating for work a breeze.

You’ll need to get in touch your company’s HR team to work through the nitty-gritty details of what your employer offers, but to give you an idea of an average relocation package. Relocate Antigua has put together several must-haves that packages include as standard.

Temporary housing

Finding and furnishing short-term accommodation in your new location, and covering any associated costs such as deposits and rent payments. A minimum of 30 days fully covered temporary housing is considered standard practice in relocation packages.

If you’re soon to land on the island, get in touch with Relocate Antigua’s property professionals for assistance in finding a house for rent in Antigua.

House-hunting assistance

Companies generally also provide assistance and pay for any fees for house-viewing trips once you arrive in your new country or city. More generous packages will also include meals and accommodation that emerge as necessary when viewing properties, and can even stretch to childcare.

Whether you’re planning a brief stint to Antigua or considering settling down for good, don’t forget that Relocate Antigua offers prime real estate assistance to help you find your dream accommodation.

If a relocation results in you selling your property before moving on, your company may well cover transactional fees for the sale of your home – although they may not pick up the tab for fees incurred when you buy a new property in your new location.

Moving company expenses

Packing services, boxing and shipping costs can all mount up. Most companies that offer relocation packages will include all expenses directly and indirectly related to the process of moving house as a staple.

Family support

Help with finding employment for your spouse or partner may be included in your relocation package. Assistance with school fees and care expenses for elderly relatives may also be on offer – discuss your needs with your HR manager to negotiate a deal that’s right for your family.

Practical expenses

Good companies will usually cover the little things that make life easier. This includes:

  • Transport costs for any vehicles you may want to bring with you
  • Storage fees for belongings you’d prefer to leave behind
  • Pet registration and transport fees
  • Assistance with covering any fees related to closing down utility accounts
  • Cleaning and maintenance costs for both your old and new homes

Most companies that offer relocation packages will have made employee retainment their priority – it’s in their interests to take a flexible approach to drawing up relocation assistance contracts, so don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for what you need.

The finer details of relocating: costs and employer assistance

Now you’ve got the gist of what a standard relocation package might look like, you’ll want to turn your attention to the practicalities of making the magic happen.

If you’re interested in embarking on a job search for a position in a company that offers the juiciest relocation packages available, read through Relocate Antigua’s quick guide to the best companies for relocating opportunities.

If you’re already employed by a company with a strong relocation assistance policy, you’ll need to start thinking about the costs involved in relocating, and how to open discussions with your employer[HD1]  to ensure you get what you need.

The costs of relocating

From shipping and housing costs to getting your paperwork in order and making sure the rest of the family are taken care of, relocating can be an expensive affair.

Relocate Antigua has decades of experience under its belt in helping individuals and companies alike take the plunge and make the move. Our relocation services offer complete peace of mind, as our seasoned experts draw on their on-the-ground knowledge to provide you with a seamless experience from start to finish.

We’ve put together a relocation costs to walk you through the expenses you can expect to pay, complete with tips for slashing your moving bill.

Asking for assistance with your relocation plans

Relocation is a costly process for most companies to take on, which makes it crucial for you to get up to speed on relocation negotiation techniques.

Lay the groundwork before you spark discussions with your employer by brushing up on the basics: examining your company’s relocation policy and putting forward winning arguments to lock down a yes.

Check out Relocate Antigua’s insider article on how to ask for relocation assistance to get you started.

Relocation assistance in companies and jobs

As the digital age ushers in a blurring of international borders, relocation is emerging as an increasingly alluring option. Gone are the days when employees would be anchored to head office: companies now have branches around the world, and staff that boast truly global career trajectories.

In this new context, although most major companies and industries offer relocation packages, a few stand out from the crowd in the quality of services and generosity of scope that they offer. We introduce you to a handful of our favorites…

Top companies for relocation

The one-size-fits-all approach is dead. Today’s companies generally offer bespoke relocation packages tailored to each employee’s grade, seniority and personal circumstances, and it’s difficult to get an accurate sense of what these might be.

Companies that shine in their proven track record for guaranteeing staff well-being and quality of life, coupled with truly international profiles with offices and positions scattered around the globe include:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Booking.com
  • TripAdvisor
  • Udemy
  • Intel
  • Microsoft

Get a taste of relocation-friendly employers by browsing through Fortune’s top 25 global companies to work for.

Top industries for relocation

Some industries and sectors are inherently more flexible and outward-looking than others, leaving you more room to seize international opportunities.

If you’re about to take your first steps into working life, or are considering switching careers and retraining in a field that gives you scope for travel, consider our top picks in terms of relocation potential:

  • Teaching: global need for education and school networks that span the globe
  • Oil and gas: international headquarters and offshore/on-site work
  • Life sciences and research: field work that takes researchers across the globe, and university partnerships
  • Software engineering: often carried out on a freelance basis giving you complete freedom to relocate, or opportunities to work with major multinationals
  • International relations: work in international institutions and branches
  • Military and security services: missions and dispatches that require employees to be mobile
  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering: job opportunities that may require employees to be dispatched out to attend on-site issues
  • Business, management, and consulting: ultra-flexible opportunities working in international branches, parent companies or group headquarters
  • Aid work: dispatched to crisis hotspots around the world

Final thoughts: using relocation assistance to make your dreams come true

For many, relocating is a lifelong dream: the chance to build a new life, see the world and forge an exciting and varied career somewhere completely different. Companies are keen to secure and retain talent, and generally offer relocation assistance or packages to make national and international moves easier on employees’ pockets and diaries.

At Relocate Antigua, we specialize in offering personal relocation services and business relocation services to help you get the ball rolling. As well as handling rent and real estate matters, our local experts get to work in tackling immigration paperwork and connecting you with contacts on the ground to make your move to Antigua as smooth as possible.

Pick up the phone and reach out to Relocate Antigua’s relocation team for more details on how we can help.

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