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Researching digital nomad visas and digital nomad tax residency isn’t necessarily everyone’s idea of a good time. But you’ve done your research, you’ve read up on the regulations, you’ve thought long and hard about how to become a digital nomad and whether it’s something that aligns with who you are – and now comes the fun part!

All over the world, digital nomad numbers are growing. If you’re looking for the best place to live as a digital nomad, don’t expect to arrive at any one single answer. A successful nomadic life is dependent on a huge number of factors, including Internet speeds, cost of living, public transport, working spaces, and vibe – and your own personal preferences.

Relocate Antigua shines a little light on the top digital nomad locations, from digital nomad beach destinations to digital nomad cities. We also give insight into the digital nomad visa for Antigua and Barbuda.

The world beckons…

Best digital nomad tropical destinations

Phuket (Thailand)

Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
As well as offering a plethora of beach bars and cafés to choose from, coworking spaces are popping up all over Phuket, in line with growing digital nomad demand. Expect excellent Internet connection, and a thriving location-independent scene that nevertheless steers well clear of the Full Moon rave and frat party scene.

Bali (Indonesia)

Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
Bali is an incredible choice for digital nomads with a spiritual side. As well as being packed full of high-tech facilities for you to work in peace and comfort, the island is brimming with yoga retreats and meditation classes, with the community to match and some spectacular scenery.

Dickenson Bay (Antigua)

Tucked away on Antigua’s northwestern coast, this is desert island living minus the rudimentary conditions. Dickenson Bay is one of Antigua’s loveliest beaches, with restaurants, cafés, and bars to keep you refreshed, and a bustling social scene for you to dip into by the water’s edge.

Hawaii (United States)

Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
It may not be one of the cheapest destinations for digital nomads, but Hawaii ticks so many of the right boxes. Lush, exotic landscapes, a native English-speaking local community for you to tap into, the rest of the States at your doorstep and as much beach as you can handle, with all the state-of-the-art remote-working facilities you need.

Cheapest cities destinations for digital nomads

The cheapest cities in the world for digital nomads tend to be among the most fun, too.

Take a look at some of our favorites…

Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad

It doesn’t get much cheaper than Ho Chi Minh digital nomad life. Tagged as ‘affordable’ by location-independent expert Nomad List, expect monthly outgoings of around USD$1,038 – with buckets of fun thrown in for good measure, and some of the world’s most mouth-watering street food, too.

Mexico City (Mexico)

Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
According to Nomad List, it’ll cost you around USD$1,459 to enjoy a good standard of living in Mexico City, which we rate as being pretty decent. The Mexico digital nomad visa offers incredible opportunities. An even bigger selling point is that the city is kitted out in high-speed Internet, and also offers an excellent digital nomad visa scheme, which you can read about here. Mexico City digital nomad life is definitely an experience you’ll never forget.

Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
Rocking in at just USD$1,097 a month to live in, this Thai city is a breath-takingly beautiful spot for digital nomads looking for a change of scene. Fast Internet connection, incredible food and a bustling atmosphere make this a top choice for remote workers – and the digital nomad community here is extremely welcoming, too.

Budapest (Hungary)

Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
Known for its fairy-tale, picture-postcard streets, lively youth culture and buzzing arts scene, Budapest is the perfect choice for digital nomads looking for a European base. Cheaper than western European cities, don’t expect to match low-cost Asia here. Living well will cost you around USD$1,400 to achieve – still much, much lower than London, Paris, Berlin or even Barcelona.

Top worldwide places for digital nomads

Pick a continent, any continent! As a digital nomad, you have the luxury of setting off to explore wherever your heart may lead you. Allow us to point you in the right direction…

Best places in Asia for digital nomads

  • Thailand
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
From the digital nomad epicenter that is Chiang Mai, to bustling Bangkok and the sweeping beaches of Koh Lanta when you feel the urge to cool off and catch your breath – Thailand has it all. The thriving travel industry here has seen the country revolutionize its facilities, giving remote workers everything they need to soak up the exotic magic available on tap here, while staying connected and in control of their businesses.

  • Vietnam
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
The king of street food, Vietnam is also fast becoming a digital nomad South East Asia hub, and with good reason. Aside from low living costs, Vietnam is home to buzzing Ho Chi Minh, lush beaches, tropical forests, and some of the world’s most welcoming people. It’s difficult to find a reason not to go.

  • India
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
Incredible food, mesmerizing culture, a rich, fascinating past, one of the fastest developing countries in the world, and one of the most tech-oriented, too. India is a life-changing experience, and the affordable lifestyle combined with spectacular landscapes make the country a winner for digital nomads in our book.

  • Indonesia
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
Rainforests, volcanoes, fabulous food, and some insane surfing opportunities if that’s your scene – Indonesia is an idyllic destination and a firm favorite with location-independent freelancers. Between Bali’s breath-taking beaches and the spell-binding island of Java, the only difficulty you’ll have here is tearing yourself away from living to focus long enough on your work.

Best places in South America for digital nomads

  • Colombia
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
The best of Latin America with a splash of Caribbean spice. From exciting, vibrant Bogotá and Medellin (and their endless line-ups of coworking spaces), to delicious rice and beans and the opportunity to explore the Andes and tropical forests: we’re sold.

  • Mexico
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
We love Mexico, and it’s not all just about the country’s new digital nomad visa scheme. Fringing the border with the United States, Mexico has become an iconic destination thanks to its moreish cuisine, spell-binding beaches, and colorful culture. A friendly, well-connected introduction to South America at its best.

  • Peru
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
Something a little off the beaten path for digital nomads looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of traditional nomad hotspots. Quieter and much safer than its neighbors, Peru is an intriguing taste of Pacific living. We recommend making a base for yourself in Lima and getting out of town to soak up the ocean views. Peru is ideal for digital nomads looking for tranquility, security, and the chance to connect with an authentic experience of Latin America.

Best places in Europe for digital nomads

  • Germany
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
If you don’t mind doing without sunny beaches and endless blue skies, Germany comes pretty high on our list of the ultimate digital nomad destination. Ahead of the game in all things tech and engineering, Europe’s economic powerhouse offers a freelancing visa that opens the gate to exploring the rest of the Schengen area. From cutting-edge Berlin to the Oktoberfest in Munich and eco-living at its best, Germany is where it’s at. Rent caps in Berlin make it a smarter choice than ever-popular London and Paris, too.

  • Croatia
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
This spectacular Mediterranean country on the Adriatic Sea offers stunning beaches and coastal views, as well as balmy weather all year round. Split, Dubrovnik and Zagreb are up-and-coming cities with strong infrastructure and solid Internet are well-known in Europe as party destinations. Croatia’s digital nomad visa is a great option for nomads seeking a unique and fun European experience.

  • Portugal
Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
One of Europe’s top tourist destinations, Portugal has been drawing in the crowds for centuries. Breath takingly beautiful from the Douro Valley’s rolling green hills to the dazzling southern beaches of the Algarve, Lisbon is really where it’s at, followed closely by Porto. The two cities have reinvented themselves as European bases for digital nomads looking for a good time, offering a mind-blowing array of co-living and coworking spaces, and insane nightlife. Cheaper than France, Italy, and even Spain, with just as much sun, culture, history – and incredible food and wines.

Our top pick for digital nomads: Antigua

With its spectacular beaches, friendly locals, and an excellent set of residency and visa schemes to take the hassle out of red tape, Antigua tops our list of best digital nomad destinations 2021-2022.

Best cities and places to live as a digital nomad
  • Some of the world’s most stunning beaches

Coco, Hawksbill, Eden, and Carlisle Bay Beach… The list goes on. If it’s easy breezy beachside living that gets you going, then look no further. Antigua is home to 365 beaches – one for every day of the year. From snorkeling to seashore dining, this dual-nation island is where it’s at.

  • Luxury for less

Average outgoings in Antigua clock in at around USD$1,187 per month – not bad at all when you consider the incredible resorts available for you to dip into when you’re craving a little luxury. You can check out our travel network for information on where to eat, stay, and what to do.

  • Fun and friendliness factors

Antigua has been awarded Nomad List’s highest possible score in terms of the friendliness of locals and the amount of fun you can expect to have here. The nightlife scene is rocking, and the island is excellent in terms of walkability, too. Expect good times with zero hassle. For this reason, many are attracted to enjoy the benefits of the country’s digital nomad work visa.

  • Excellent visa opportunities for digital nomads

Thanks to the government’s freshly pressed Nomad Digital Residence visa, digital nomads are being treated to a two-year right to live and work on the island, with zero Antiguan tax payable on their income. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

What’s more, you can also opt for the Permanent Residency Program, a tax scheme that drastically slashes self-employed tax bills, with a minimum stay on the island of just 30 days.

Read our digital nomad tax residency article for more details on eligibility and what the two programs cover and get in touch for a no-obligation overview of how we could help you.

Interested to apply for your Nomad Digital Residence?

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digital nomades in antigua and barbuda

Final thoughts: cost of living, Internet, and visas

Ultimately, the world is moving in a digital nomad-friendly direction. As physical borders increasingly dissipate, and as more and more work moves online, it’s in countries’ interests to start equipping their infrastructure with high-speed Internet and offering freelance-friendly permit and visa schemes.

Although every digital nomad is different and embarks on the nomadic life with their own unique perspective and goals, there are a few non-negotiables that every successful digital nomad destination has to have: a lower cost of living than you’d expect from your home country, fast, reliable Internet connection to let you do your job, and accessible, flexible visa schemes that accurately reflect your working realities.

With decades of experience helping new and established digital nomads get up and running in Antigua and beyond, Relocate Antigua actively enjoys building relationships with location-independent professionals. We excel in handling red tape and advising you on the steps you need to take to turn your dream lifestyle into reality.

Reach out to our friendly advisors today for a free consultation, and let’s get started mapping out your future.

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