Antigua Nightlife: The best places and bars

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When the last streak of gold disappears from the sky and the stars begin to twinkle over the ocean, a different side of Antigua is revealed.

What is Antigua nightlife like? What makes it unique and intriguing? And where are the best spots to enjoy Antigua after dark? From sports bars to beach bars, Relocate Antigua presents an expert guide to Antigua nightlife- the best clubs, discos, and bars.

The Antigua entertainment scene is in all aspects energetic and artistic. You will find that Antigua’s nightlife reflects diversity. English harbor Antigua nightlife is the most vibrant- bar-hopping is common, offering a European/American vibe with non-Caribbean music such as rock andF roll and indie while in the St.John’s area, most of the bars offer a more tropical vibe with local and regional music being played. 

Best places and bars in Antigua

Best Nightlife in Antigua and Barbuda

Although there is a wide selection of nightlife to choose from in Antigua, there are some that just surpass all the others. These locations offer incredible music and unique electrifying energy that cannot be found elsewhere on the island.

Bodog Beach Club – Jolly Harbor

This Jolly harbor bar is a rustic Caribbean style beach bar on the west coast of Antigua that comes alive at night. Bodog beach bar offers a tropical laid back vibe with live bands and exciting DJs. Here you can experience an exciting night of music, dance, food, and drink all while the ocean waves roll gently on the shoreline. Karaoke Nights, Happy Hour, and Wing Night are just some of the activities offered by Bodog Beach Club.

The Lime Lounge – English Harbor

Contact #: (268) 785-3779

Opening hours: Monday- Sunday 6 pm-2 am

The Lime Lounge is an enthusiastic high-energy disco located in the heart of the iconic English Harbor. This is a well-frequented location best known for Its live bands with music played by both local and visiting bands. Entry is free.

Papa Zouk Fish and Rum

Contact #: (268) 464-6044

Opening hours: Monday- Sunday 7 pm-12 am

Located in St. John’s, this authentic restaurant boasts of the best-tasting seafood dishes and possibly the largest rum selection in the Caribbean.  Papa Zouks serves a variety of delicious meals from Conch Fritters to Grilled lobster. Enjoy tasty rum punch while relaxing in a calm and unique setting.

Life on the Corner – English Harbor

Contact #: (268)-722-0020

Opening hours: Wednesday- Friday pm- 10:45 pm

This electric bar is located in English harbor; Specifically on Dockyard Drive. The bar attracts both tourists and locals alike and tasty food and drink are available all night. The entry here is free.

Cloggy’s Cafe – English Harbor

Contact #: (268)-460-6910

Opening hours: Tuesday- Sunday 12 pm-9:30 pm

Cloggy’s is sited on the second floor of the Antigua Yacht Club Marina in English Harbour. It is currently rated one of the greatest sailor’s bars in the entire world. At night the scene transforms into an electric club atmosphere with an exciting dance party that goes on till about 9 pm. Entry here is free.

The Shitting Monkey Gin Joint and Smoke BBQ – English Harbor

Contact #: 1268-772-6244

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 4 pm-11 pm 

By the name you can tell that this spot is different and interesting. The shitting Monkey is a unique bar that serves a variety of flavored Gins and smoked BBQ. A rustic atmosphere, decorated with rare artistic monkey statues and dolls, Live rock bands, and a very intriguing menu are only a few of the things that make The Shitting Monkey a favorite among tourists and locals. Entry is free.

Area 51- Dickenson Bay, St. John’s

Contact #: (268) 562-9290

Opening Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 6 pm-2 am

Located in Dickenson Bay which is one of the most lively areas in Antigua, Area 51 offers an exciting   experience with local and international DJs and live performances. Area 51 is popular among locals and tourists and also serves food and drink. Entry is free.

If you are looking to relax and enjoy the night in a laid back tropical atmosphere, possibly on a beach, sipping your favorite cocktail while live music soothes you, the  Antigua bars are the place for you. Here’s a list of the best bars in Antigua and Barbuda.

Ana’s on the Beach – English Harbor

Contact #: (268) 562-8562

Opening Hours: Friday- Sunday 10 am- 11 pm, Mondays 11 am-10 pm

This restaurant and Bar in Dickenson Bay has one of the best bars in St. Johns, Antigua, and leaves nothing to be desired. It is furnished with unique décor in pink, black, and white décor and features a vibrant art gallery. Here you will find eye-catching artworks from local and international artists. By day it is a well-frequented restaurant and by night it transforms into an exciting atmosphere. Enjoy cocktails and other drinks while the DJ plays exciting YET relaxing music.

Coconut Grove Restaurant and Bar

Contact #: (268) 462-1538

Opening Hours: Monday- Sunday 7 am- 11 pm

Set among the lush palm trees on Dickenson Bay is this romantic and tranquil Bar and Restaurant that offers spectacular views of the ocean and incredible cuisine. Enjoy calm nights at the nice bar while sipping on your favorite drinks or fun moonlit Antigua beach party.

Putters Bar and Grill

Contact #: (268) 463-4653

Opening Hours:

Located just a stone’s throw from Sandals Grande Antigua in Dickenson Bay, this bar and grill offer tasty food in an outdoor setting that overlooks a mini-golf course. Putters can be classified as a sports bar as patrons come here to enjoy major sports games.

Cheers Antigua

Contact #: (268) 562-6360

Opening hours: Monday- Saturday 8am-5pm

In the heart of Heritage Quay in St. John’s, this bar caters mainly to cruise ship visitors and serves breakfast, lunch, and drinks. Referred to as the seafood and rum capital, Cheers offers delectable meals including the catch of the day which features fresh delicious fish with a West-Indian flair.

Parties and Events

The Antigua party scene is full of colors, dancing, and excitement. Antigua has been known to host some of the most exhilarating and extravagant Caribbean parties and festivals attracting people from all over the world.

Antigua Carnival

Antigua Carnival

Antigua Carnival is a 13-day festival held in celebration of the country’s independence running from  Branded as the Caribbean’s greatest summer festival, the celebration consists of a variety of parties, parades, performances, and beauty pageants.

The events cater to all age groups and display a colorful expression of Antigua’s vibrant culture and heritage through song, traditional Antigua dance, and other performances.  


  • Queen of Carnival
  • Mr and Miss Teenage pageant
  • Jaycees Queen show.

Musical Events:

  • Caribbean Melting Pot
  • Panorama Competition
  • Breakfast Fete
  • Calypso Monarch


  • Opening parade and ceremony
  • T-Shirt Mas
  • J’ouvert morning
  • Junior Carnival
  • Carnival Monday
  • Carnival Tuesday-Parade of the bands

Shirley’s Heights Antigua Party – English Harbor

Every Sunday evening, the historic Shirley’s heights come alive with booming excitement and breathtaking sunset views at Shirley’s Heights Antigua Party also called Antigua Sunset party. Enjoy pulsating music and delicious grilled meals. From 7-10 pm, the party becomes even more exciting with a live steel band and other musicians. The entry fee is EC$25.

Antigua Sailing Week – Nelson’s Dockyard Antigua

Antigua has proved to be the Caribbean’s best yachting destination with the famous Antigua Sailing week attracting thousands of yachters and sailors from all over the world. Yachters come to participate in major regattas as well as other thrilling competitions and events like the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge, but when the boats are docked and the sailors come to shore, the party really beings. Being so close to the super high-energy nightlife atmosphere at English Harbor, individuals have the opportunity of bar-hopping, lounging, or attending one of the Sailing weeknight parties.

sailing-week antigua
Sailing week in Antigua

Hints and Tips

Just like anywhere else in the world, going out at night in Antigua requires you to be knowledgeable, careful, and alert.

General safety tips

Always inform someone of your whereabouts, whether it is your hotel, roommate, friend, or family member in case of an emergency. If you are planning to consume alcohol, ensure that you have a designated driver to take you home. It is also a great idea to go out in a group.

Another tip is to bring along enough cash because most of the bars and clubs are cash only. For more information check safety in Antigua and more Antigua safety tips.


Public transportation is not an option for going out at night in Antigua so consider booking a taxi or renting a vehicle beforehand.

Relocate Antigua offers car and chauffeur services tailored to fit your needs. Just let us know what you need and we will provide you with taxis, car rentals, or limousines for your nightlife escapade in Antigua. Give us a call today


The legal drinking age for Antigua is 18 years old and alcohol is sold mostly everywhere. It is also legal to have an open container on the beach in Antigua so you can enjoy beach parties fully. Bars and clubs are opened until the party gets slow so consider it an all-nighter.


Antigua is exciting by day and by night and the night scene holds an intriguing and romantic atmosphere. From high-energy bars to relaxing beachfront bars, Antigua is the place to be. Relocate Antigua will help you purchase tickets or make reservations,-whatever you need to simplify your plan to enjoy the Antigua nightlife. Call us for more information.

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