Barbuda- An underrated Paradise

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Although the islands are called Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua is spoken about more. It’s no surprise given that it is the main and most populated island. However several other islands make up this nation including Barbuda, Redonda, Bird Island, Guinea Island, and a few unexplored others. But a few miles from the main island is a smaller equally beautiful piece of paradise called Barbuda which is populated- Barbuda is home to the majestic Frigate Bird and magical pink sand beaches, but what makes Barbuda such an attraction and is the real estate there really a lucrative investment?

In this article, we will explore all there is to know about this amazing little island of Barbuda- An underrated paradise.  

What is Barbuda?

Barbuda is the smaller of the twin-island state of Antigua and Barbuda which is in the west indies. There is much information about Antigua, but little is said about the island of Barbuda. As of 2017, the 62 square mile landmass is home to over 1694 people. The Barbuda people rely on fishing, farming, and tourism to sustain their economy.

So where is Barbuda on a map? Well, it is 63 kilometers North of Antigua. Because it isn’t the main island people often inquire just how big is Barbuda. The total area is 160.56 square kilometers or 62 square miles of limestone dominating the topography. Barbuda is approximately 39 miles from Antigua by air.

If you’re wondering how to get to Barbuda, well the Barbuda ferry can be found on Antigua, and it is a 90-minute ride to the Codrington harbor. Once you get there, you can enjoy incredible food and fun activities.

Barbuda History

The island of Barbuda is believed to have been populated first by pre-Arawakians followed by Caribs and Arawak before being discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Later, it was occupied by the Spanish, French, and English before finally being bought by the Codrington Brothers in 1685. The island alongside Antigua gained its independence on November 1, 1981. Sugarcane production was the main economical factor of the island.

What to do in Barbuda

If you’re wondering what to do in Barbuda when you visit, there are many activities- from watersports to hiking and exploring. The island is a known tourist attraction especially for its magnificent coral reefs where several types of underwater life can be explored.

Explore Nature

One of the best activities to do in Barbuda is exploring unique nature through hiking, snorkeling, or diving.  

There is a variety of animals that are unique to the island including the rare Antiguan Racer Snake, the majestic Frigate Birds, Hawksbill Turtles, and Fallow Deer.

Fallow Deer

Some notable natural formations include Two-foot cave and Darbys Cave surrounded by a mini rainforest with palm trees, and ferns Fallow Deer and land Turtles can be seen roaming the area.

South of Darby Cave is Dark Cave which leads to a pool of water. Artifacts have been found in the area suggesting that it was probably a source of water for the early settlers. Several species of bats can also be found here.

racer snake antigua and barbuda
Antiguan Racer Snake

Barbuda Pink Sand Beaches

A trip to Barbuda would not be complete without exploring the magical Pink beach. The island is said to have about 8 miles of silky pink sands that stretch from Spanish Point to Palmetto Point. The bright pink color comes from foraminifera, which is a microscopic organism found in the sand and there is also a mix of pink coral, shells, and calcium carbonate. Snorkeling in this area is quite an adventure with many different species of undersea life to discover.

Another great beach to visit is 17-mile beach Barbuda and Princess Diana Beach which is said to have been the late princess’ favorite destination in the Caribbean. Today, this beach is home to the famous Nobu Restaurant as well as the Barbuda Ocean Club.

Pink sand beach in Barbuda

Where to stay in Barbuda

There are a handful of great options of accommodation in Barbuda. Though you won’t find big resorts and various cottages and guesthouses, there are certainly enough places to choose from for your stay in Barbuda.

Barbuda Belle

Barbuda Belle is the main resort located in the town of Codrington. This gorgeous boutique hotel offers a luxury experience set on miles of pristine beachfront. The hotel is complete with seven bungalows each with private balconies to enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean and the mangroves nearby.

Other amenities include Darkwood interiors, canopy beds, en suite bathrooms, and a fully-equipped spa for all your wellness needs.

Where to eat in Barbuda

Mangrove Restaurant

Get a special taste of tropical cuisine at the Mangrove Restaurant in Barbuda Belle Hotel, where you can savor the irresistible Caribbean flavors of gourmet local and international dishes prepared by a professional French chef.

Nobu Barbuda

Nobu is one of the most popular restaurants in Barbuda. Set on the famous Princess Diana Beach, this restaurant is owned by the famous actor Robert Di-Niro and offers the authentic Nobu experience- a tranquil setting, classic Japanese cuisine infused with Caribbean flairs, complemented by the beautiful ocean views and the sounds of the waves gently lapping the shores.  

Some other restaurants include Uncle Roddy’s and Purple Haze Restaurant and Bar which offer dining and takeout options as well as drinks and exciting nightlife.

Barbuda Real Estate

Living in Barbuda is a great idea if seclusion and privacy are what you want but there are also a few disadvantages. For one, the island does not have a major hospital and extreme emergencies may need to be airlifted to Antigua. However, there are amenities such as grocery stores, hotels, guest houses, police stations, primary and secondary schools, and churches.

Real estate in Barbuda is like Antigua, with fewer properties to choose from of course. The main real estate area is the Barbuda Ocean club which is a spectacular private resort community and organization in charge of all land and real estate properties on the Island. The property encompasses 800 acres and 8 miles of beachfront and offers a serene escape in the form of a residential community. This attractive property will soon include a state-of-the-art golf course designed by world-famous Tom Fazio.

Just like Antigua, non-nationals will need a noncitizen landholders license to purchase land and build on Barbuda. Or they can choose to become an Antiguan citizen which is an easier process with more benefits.

To learn more about buying real estate in Antigua and Barbuda, read these articles.

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

Thinking of investing in Barbuda real estate? Well, the property isn’t the only advantage you can get from doing so. You can obtain your Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investing at least US$400,000. Benefits of this passport include visa-free travel to over 180 countries including the Schengen Zone and the UK.

Learn all about the real estate buying process here and let us know if you have any questions.

Barbuda- A place for Digital Nomads

Barbuda is an ideal location for Digital Nomads- who wouldn’t want to relax and work on a pink sand beach every day? While the island is small, it has enough amenities to sustain the nomad lifestyle and telecommunication services to support remote work responsibilities. Antigua and Barbuda offer a digital nomad visa that allows temporary residency on the island for up to two years.

To learn more about nomad Digital Residency to live in Barbuda, check out our magazine. Furthermore, when you are ready to relocate, we will assist with all your needs. Just reach out to us. Worried about finding a place to live, you can read this article on real estate options for digital nomads.


Barbuda is the perfect destination for anyone seeking tranquil seclusion. The nature, the peace, the exciting relocation opportunities all make for an ideal place to start over or just experience for a little while. Relocate Antigua experts can help you experience Barbuda, guiding you every step of the way- from the legal and immigration aspects to finding things to do and a place to stay. If you are interested in Citizenship or temporary residence for nomads, we are more than happy to help you. Give us a call today and get started on your journey to Barbuda.


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