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Gaining access to a country, its lifestyle, language and culture is all made easier when a sense of citizenship is experienced. Holding a second citizenship – a second passport granting you access to a whole new way of life is something that many individuals are looking for in modern times. Whether you’re born into this luxury or marry into the concept of calling two countries in the world you home; you are met with the nationality law that sets the basic citizenship rules for you and your family; including freedom of movement.

This perk though is not limited to the lucky raised by multilingual parents or born in a certain country, dual citizenship is a luxury that many can benefit from and Relocate Antigua is equipped to guide you throughout the process. One of the means in which Antiguan and Barbudan citizenship can be obtained is through the Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP).

The CIP is a scheme that is present in a number of countries including Cyprus, Montenegro, St Lucia as well as Antigua and Barbuda. Your Caribbean dream may not be that far off in the distance, residing in Antigua and Barbuda may take some lifestyle changes, but Relocate Antigua are leaders in the guidance and implementation of settling in to your new homeland.

Property investment in Antigua and Barbuda is a smart choice as the real estate market is on the rise and features a number of viable properties in expat areas, waiting for an international market. There is also a very low minimum requirement of $100,000 which is rather low in comparison to others. Applying for the CIP in Antigua and Barbuda does not require much of a transition period, the experts at relocate Antigua prepare every candidate with the right tools, knowledge and understanding of their newly desired lifestyle.


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They also guide you into making the best investment choices that will be more likely to see your application made successful. Getting in touch with the Relocate Antigua professionals will help you make the right choices, speed up your application process and guarantee successful citizenship benefits.

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