Language Services in Antigua

We can offer our assistance with just about any type of translations, including technical translations, patent translations and even website and SEO translation. We also offer an express translation service if you require urgent translation services. Moreover, we can assure full discretion and confidentiality with your documents.

Language Services in Antigua

Certified- notary translation

The service of professional translation or interpretation is, more often than not, necessary when moving to a new country or opening an international business.

Relocate Antigua’s translation and language services are ISO 17100 – compliant professional services in collaboration with an international network of language professionals. Translations are carried out by experienced, native tongue translators.

We also offer apostilled translation . Browse through our vast service portfolio or let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will match your requirements with a tailor-made approach.

You may require such services to ensure your message reaches your professional audience exactly as it was intended to or to translate your legal documents, such as business contracts, immigration documents and birth certificates.

When it comes to the Citizenship by Investment Program, our team works closely with CIU and CIP agents who, alongside attorneys and other professionals, make use of Relocate Antigua’s language services on a daily basis. We can also take care of urgent translations of documents.

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Language Services

Arabic • Basque • Bengali • Bosnian • Bulgarian • Burmese

Catalan • Chinese (PRC, HK, TW) • Croatian 

• Czech • Danish

Dutch • English (US, UK) • Estonian • Finnish • Flemish • French

German • Greek • Hebrew • Hindi • Hungarian 

• Icelandic

Indonesian • Irish • Italian • Japanese • Khmer • Korean

Latvian • Lithuanian • Luxembourgish 

• Macedonian • Malay

Maltese • Mongolian • Montenegrin • Nepali

Norwegian (Bokmål, Nynorsk) • Polish 

• Portuguese (PT, BR)

Persian (Farsi) • Romanian • Russian • Serbian 

• Slovak

Slovenian • Spanish (ES, AR, CO, MX) • Swedish • Thai

Turkish • Ukrainian • Vietnamese

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