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Are you interested in our services?

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Bookings & Reservations

Be it appointments, travel arrangements, music concerts, business-related operations, trade fairs, or any other type of bookings, Relocate Antigua understands how time-consuming scheduling purchasing tickets can be. For this reason, we have created a service to take care of all your booking needs, so you can simply outsource such tasks to us, and we will handle everything.

What to expect

From the moment you start thinking about traveling to this beautiful island, Relocate Antigua will be there to guide you. From flight bookings to a hotel reservation, we will help you find the most luxurious resort or guesthouse to accommodate you and your family if necessary. We will take care of booking your stay and find you the best rates.

We offer

  • Travel bookings (Air and sea travel)
  • Tour and activity bookings
  • Appointment bookings
  • Hotel reservations
  • Dining reservations

It is our priority to ensure that all bookings and reservations are done under our guidelines to provide you with assurance and security.

Our Process

  1. General inquiry- In this first step, we require from you the general information about you and what type of booking or reservation you need. We will also pay attention to your specific needs, unique recommendations, and your budget.
  2. Determining availability- After gathering all the necessary information and requirements, we will then check our vast databases to find available options for reservations including room availability, seat availability, ticket availability. We will select options based on your specifications in regards to date and time.
  3. Verifying with you- Upon gathering all available options, we will then refer the information back to you and allow you to confirm the booking of your choice.
  4. Making the booking/reservation- After you have verified the booking that works for you we will make the reservation with the company, ensuring that it is done promptly and properly.
  5. Confirming your booking/reservation- Finally, we will send you a confirmation message letting you know that it is all done. If possible we will also provide you with photographic evidence of your booking/reservation.

Our knowledge of the way things work in Antigua and Barbuda is vital in this regard. We are equipped with professionals assigned to deal with your booking and reservations, guaranteeing effective and efficient results.

Our exposure to the islands’ entertainment industry has also equipped us with the background needed to advise our clients of the best restaurants, events, cafés, and bistros around – based on quality, selection, and budget. Just let us know what kind of experience you’re expecting, and we’ll sort out the rest.

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