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Car and chauffeur services, Antigua

Did you know that Antigua and Barbuda are within one-third of countries in the world that drive on the left? That can be a make or break factor when it comes to choosing to rent a car in Antigua, or even private chauffeur service.

Relocate Antigua will arrange for the respective options through Antigua car dealers or rental and chauffeur services.

Car Rental Antigua

Relocate Antigua offers all types of car rental services to its customers; from short and long-term personal car rentals of an array of sizes and models, to private chauffeur services and limousines service in Antigua. There are many factors to consider before getting your vehicle, so we will help you evaluate every aspect so that you will drive off worry-free.

What to consider

  • Car insurance– It is important to ensure that the car you are renting is fully covered by insurance for Collision damage, Theft protection, and third party liability. You will need to be certain that any form of accident or mishap won’t cost you a fortune. Trust Reocate Antigua to connect you with the most reliable and trusted car rentals.
  • Car condition-, Let us help you get a seamless vehicle to travel through the Antigua in. We are connected with the most reputable companies who all offer a wide range of vehicles.
  • Rental terms and conditions– It is imperative that before you sign and receive your keys, be sure to look through the terms and conditions. Our agent will help you evaluate all of the conditions of your rental to ensure your safety and security. We will inquire about the delivery and return of the car, liabilities, payment, extension conditions, the responsibility of damage or loss conditions, and more.
  • Company reputation– This is by far the most important factor to consider when choosing a car. You will be given satisfaction guaranteed with our database of car rental companies. 

There are many car rental companies and Antigua car rental prices differ from that of other countries so you may have a hard time choosing. However, at Relocate Antigua, we filter through the cars and rental packages available to bring you those of the highest quality, keeping your budget and expectations in mind, of course.

We will research Antigua car rental reviews on the options that you feel comfortable with and provide you with the information and assurance that you need to go forward.


Upon finalizing your relocation to Antigua, you may decide to obtain an official and reliable form of transportation that will be permanently yours. Antigua has numerous vehicle dealers with more than enough options to choose from but you will need a reliable source to go forward with this process. Relocate Antigua will provide you with an agent to advise you and assist you in finding the right car for you, considering all of your requirements and specifications first. We will consider

  • The brand, model and condition of car that you want
  • Your budget and method of payment.
  • The dealership’s reputation 

Chauffeur Service

At some point in Antigua, you may seek personal services such as chauffeur service and Relocate Antigua provides such services. We offer experienced drivers who know all the routes and shortcuts in Antigua and Barbuda. Our vehicles range from cars to limousines to bigger vehicles that you can use for team or family outings. First, consider the reason that you need a chauffeur service then consider all the other factors involved in making your decision.

Things to consider

  • The number of passengers
  • The features of the vehicle
  • Driver’s license and insurance
  • Background of the chauffeur(criminal, mannerism, efficiency, flexibility) 

Whether you decide to rent or buy a vehicle in Antigua or prefer having a chauffeur, Relocate Antigua is there to help you make the decision a satisfactory one. Take the first step and contact us!


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