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Private Chef & Catering

Personal chef

If you require a personal chef, Antigua has a wide selection of professionally trained chefs specializing in the preparation of several cuisines.

You may require a chef for a private home dining event, an exclusive corporate event, or a home-cook over a longer duration. We can assist you through our network of some of the best chefs in Antigua and Barbuda, who can provide such services tailored to your needs.

Our timely database of chefs in Antigua and Barbuda is diverse so that we can match our clients with exactly what they are looking for. Whether you follow a vegan lifestyle while on Antigua, prefer gluten-free options, or crave locally sourced fresh fish, our chefs on call will whip up your favorite meals.

General Responsibilities

  • Consistent communication with the client to determine their preferences, allergies, and restrictions to provide satisfactory menus and meals for them.
  • Create unique personalized diet plans considering all specifications and the clients’ general health requirements.
  • Acquire necessary quality equipment and fresh ingredients regularly for the  preparation of meals, salads, and snacks. (This can also be done by a personal shopper)
  • Prepare food items following the health and safety guidelines of Antigua and Barbuda; keeping areas cleaned and sanitized at all times.
  • Provide the client with detailed verbal or written instructions on how to prepare, heat, or store food for later use.


In regards to catering in Antigua Relocate Antigua will guide you to find the right company that is tailored just for you.

Our list of caterers consists of highly-skilled persons who will provide you with the best service possible paying attention to every aspect of the process.

Catering services are offered for any occasion whether private or business

  • Meetings
  • Celebrations
  • Parties

Together with you, we will create and design the menu and prepare all the cuisine and beverages paying special attention to the presentation as well as the quality of the food. We will take care of setting up the dining area to suit your liking and also cleaning up after the event.

Quality of food

Our chefs are professional individuals who are experienced in different types of cuisine and food preparation detail. With major attention to the quality of the ingredients, your personal chef or catering company will prepare food with special care. Making use of natural flavoring also using organic products or produce from Antiguan farms, seasonings and ideally minimally processed meat products, your meals will reflect perfection and good health.

Our chefs use mainly fresh local products which they acquire daily or weekly from farmers and fishermen around Antigua and Barbuda.

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