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Security Detail & Personal Security

Be it for the safety of high-profile individuals or hiring security guards for an event, security measures are often sought after in Antigua.

However, in a country that you are not used to, it may be difficult to immediately source security services that are trustworthy and reliable. Your security choices can vary from standard services at events or even cover the needs of a private bodyguard and other personal security detail solutions such as vehicle convoys.

You will find that several security companies in Antigua are prepared to cater to your individual needs For example, Special Security Services, Antigua is a trusted company that provides a wide range of professional security services.

At Relocate Antigua, we take pride in providing personalized services collaborating with industry professionals to present our clients with security services of the highest quality that Antigua and Barbuda have to offer.

We can match our clients with security professionals who will meet their requirements courteously and efficiently. 

Our highly-trained security personnel will:

  • Exhibit a strong visible presence  Our agents are trained to be with you and alert at all times. They will be present on your premises or around you at all times, ensuring your ultimate security and peace of mind in Antigua.
  • Observe and report regularly on happenings– While on duty, the agent is responsible for observing all areas of the property at different intervals during the day and night depending on what the shift.
  • Take action promptly in any situation– In the event of any emergency or unexpected happening, our skilled agent will take whatever action necessary to ensure the security of you and your property. Should a crisis occur while you are at an event, our agents are well equipped to take action and remove you promptly from the area.
  • Control access and crowds at major functions– If you have to attend a major event in Antigua, you are likely to encounter large uncomfortable crowds. But with Relocate Antigua, our agents will create a strategy to protect you from unwanted attention and the chaos of overcrowded venues. Of course, we will ensure your VIP passes and your security detail will be right by your side making sure you are protected at all times.
  • Offer safety and security advice and precautions– As a measure to ensure your safety and peace of mind, you will be offered detailed precautionary advice that will surely come in handy when the security officer is off duty. You will be instructed on how to act in times of emergencies to keep yourself and your family safe.

We provide quality security services on Antigua for individuals and businesses. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure or simply need someone to protect your property.

Relocate Antigua will match you with a highly skilled personal bodyguard or officer. Contact us today.

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