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Customs Clearance in Antigua

All goods and packages must pass through the customs department before they are allowed to enter Antigua. The customs clearance procedure involves the preparation and submission of documents, the evaluation, examination, and the payment of duty fees.

To ensure that your packages are sent and arrive in perfect order, you will need professional assistance called a customs broker which Relocate Antigua is more than happy to provide. It is our top priority to ensure that your goods are cleared in a timely and seamless manner. Our trained team will guide you through all the protocols of the Antigua customs allowance.

An agent will help you navigate through the system, proceedings, and regulations linked with the clearance of goods in the Antigua and Barbuda customs department. You will need to be certain of the fees for receiving and sending goods-this can become complicated at times with the many taxes and additional charges from the customs department.

Port of entry Areas in Antigua

  • VC Bird International Airport
  • St Johns Harbor
  • English Harbor
  • Jolly Harbor
  • St Johns Post Office 

The procedure for each of these ports are different but mainly include

  • Collecting all documents from broker
  • Taking the document to the customs department’s supervisor to be signed
  • Taking the signed document to the warehouse to have your goods evaluated and valued
  • Paying necessary fees to the cashier
  • Getting the proof of payment stamped
  • Finally, Collecting and your items 

Having the wrong person or company handle your customs clearance can result in a very problematic situation and cause you to pay more than you expected or cause the process to be more lengthy than usual.

At relocate Antigua, we pride ourselves in working hastily yet carefully to guarantee satisfaction.

Our agent will break down all the costs and information for you, and help you get your items or send them promptly.

Relocate Antigua offers industry professionals who are experienced in customs brokerage and clearance in Antigua and Barbuda. We will break down the Antigua customs charges and provide you with all the knowledge you require to clear your items.

Take the first step and get connected with our skilled personnel who are knowledgeable of the Antigua customs regulations and every other aspect of the process.


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