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The iGaming industry targets a large number of users per year, and the fuel behind this thriving sector is boosted in revenue with Antigua and Barbuda’s efforts in the industry. Antigua was the first online gaming authority to create monetary value in the sector – even after the 1996 Kahnawake Gaming Commission was established, causing many Antigua-based companies to move to North America, Antigua and Barbuda remain a major player in the iGaming industry.

iGaming in Antigua

Since Antiguan iGaming companies are allowed to advertise their services in the UK, the intense market provides ample job opportunities within the field. Understanding the stability of these jobs is what we do best; this is why it is always recommended to consult an iGaming professional advisor from Relocate Antigua who can send you off in the right direction, should you be looking to invest in the sector.

How to get an Antigua online gaming license

  1. Apply for your Antigua and Barbuda online gambling license– Your application should be directed to the Division of Gaming-Financial Services Regulatory Commission and should contain detailed information about the Board of Directors including their credit history and information about investments they have made over the past 3 years. If you require translated documents, let us know.
  2. Undergo the other necessary background checks by the authorities.
  3. Pay the non-refundable application fee of $15,000.00 for document revision.
  4. Pay $100,000.00 for the Interactive Gaming License or Interactive wagering license- $75,000

You must meet all the technical requirements to qualify as an operator:

  • All software must be certified
  • Slot machines and programs must be audited
  • The main server of your business must be based in Antigua
  • The home page of your website must have a warning about the dangers of gambling addiction and ways to seek help if needed.


  • Application processing fee- $15,000
  • Interactive gaming license fee- $100,000
  • Interactive wagering license- $75,000
  • Annual renewal fee per license- $5,000

igaming in Antigua
igaming in Antigua

If approved, you will be given a 1-year license and be required to renew it after that year. Remember, Relocate Antigua will also take care of this for you when the time comes.

Get in touch with us today for more information on how to acquire your Antigua and Barbuda gambling license and to get your Antigua online gaming business started.   

The land-based casino industry plays a vital role in the Antiguan economy making it a sustainable profession to join. Relocating to Antigua is an excellent choice for experts in the iGaming field as well as a profitable option for casinos and gaming companies. One of our team specialists will keep you informed on the legal matters within the industry, point out top relocation locations within Antigua and Barbuda as well as introduce you to the social and political mentalities on the islands.

Download the application forms here:

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