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Entertainment, Events & Media

There are many options for entertainment in Antigua and Barbuda, from high energy clubs to natural experiences such as beaches and sight-seeing. The islands have numerous hotels and restaurants where you will find live entertainment.

One of the biggest celebrations in Antigua is Carnival which has many events before, during, and after the main celebration. Places such as the English harbor and Jolly harbor are home to lively locations for partying or simply chilling.

Be it show tickets, restaurant reservations, event logistics, or media engagement, Relocate Antigua understands how time-consuming scheduling bookings can be. We are well equipped and prepared to help you have the best experience at your event. Just say the word and we will handle the rest.

Media and performers

Would you like to book a photographer or videographer to help you capture memories at an event in Antigua? Are you looking to hire a band or a local or foreign musician, and would like media coverage for the complete happening? Our team is familiar with the third parties and aware of the processes needed to fulfill your requests and organize exactly what you have in mind, down to the tiniest of details.

Our database of entertainers include musicians, singers and dancers who are well skilled in their craft and will deliver excellent performances.

You will just need to inform us of the type of event it is and the type of entertainment that you would like. Then we will search through our database and pick the right performers and media coverage for you.

Relocate Antigua will provide you with the entertainment services you require: From DJs to singers, bands, musicians such as piano players or other professionals – we are only a phone call away.

Please note that we also bring in international acts if so desired.

Entertainment & Events antigua
From DJs to singers, bands, musicians such as piano players or other professionals

Event Venues

The islands are known for being a piece of paradise to relax, have fun, and celebrate.

One of the most popular inquiries for tourists has always been for Caribbean wedding venues but there are many other events that one can celebrate here. If your choice is Antigua, you might think that all you need is an idea, a venue, and a date. But you will need someone to help you put all these together and make them a successful reality. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a hands-on assistant helping you filter through the best Caribbean wedding venues or other types of event venues?

Well, whether you are looking to create an intimate party on Antigua with close friends, setting up a VIP event in Antigua, celebrating on a yacht, wishing to organize a business party for your company or celebrating a life milestone with family, Relocate Antigua can help you find the right venue, catering solutions, and additional services to curate your ideal event considering all aspects of the right venue for your event.

The perfect venue checklist

Great Location and Access

We will help you find an easily accessible venue in a good location in Antigua, has adequate parking based on the number of attendees and disabled parking and entry access. The venue should be accessible to most modes of transport.

Sufficient Space

One of the main areas of accommodation is space. We will consider the amount of space you need and search based on this. How many people will be attending? Will they be seating or standing? We will evaluate your event type and the list of individuals to make sure that the space is sufficient.


At Relocate Antigua, we always strive to give you luxurious and professional experiences. We believe that our customers deserve nothing less than perfection, so we will help you find a venue that has décor to compliment your event. We will look at the outdoor ambiance (gardens, outdoor seating space) as well as indoor décor. We will also connect you with reputable event decorators.

Services and amenities

Do you need furniture such as chairs and tables for your event? Will you need a kitchen at the venue? We will ensure that the venue has the amenities that you require such as bathroom facilities. If you need housekeeping assistance, we can also provide those services for you.


We will work along with your budget to ensure that you don’t overspend and also get your money’s worth. We understand that you will need to pay for catering, entertainment, and decorations so we will help you find the perfect venue for the desired price.

Moreover, our team understands how time-consuming scheduling bookings can be. For this reason, we have created a large support team of industry professionals to personally take care of all your booking requirements, so you can simply outsource such tasks to us, and we will handle reservations and also assist you in arranging your meetings.

Antigua boasts a large quality range of hotels, accommodation, and venues which are useful when planning anything; from luxury getaways to business gatherings.

We will provide you with a wide range of beautiful Antigua wedding venues to choose from.

Put your trust in us and we will help you to have a memorable and extravagant event.

Wedding location planning

A wedding deserves to be celebrated in the most extravagant way possible. One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is the location.

When planning on you may consider Caribbean wedding locations, because of the nature and general aura of peace and paradise. Because of its intense beauty and scenic ocean backdrops, Antigua is among the top Caribbean wedding locations.

Relocate Antigua will present to you the most exotic and wonderful wedding destinations on Antigua along with different packages to choose from. 

Beach wedding in Antigua

Characteristics of a good wedding location

  • Good location– Considering your special guests and how they will be getting to the event, you will need to select an easily accessible location in close enough proximity to everyone but especially your valued guests. We will help you to find the most convenient location for your wedding
  • Catering space– Whether you are having a small or a grand event, catering is something very important to consider when choosing a location. We will ensure that the space is sufficient for catering services. We will also work hand in hand with the catering company that best fits your requirements.
  • Shelter and seating– We will guide you to choose a location that is properly sheltered if you so need, as well as one that can accommodate seating space that you require. If you decide to get hitched on one of Antigua’s beautiful beaches, we will ensure that there are strong tents and furniture that can withstand wind, helping your guests be comfortable and safe throughout the ceremony.
  • Parking access– A good location needs to have good parking access so that guests can attend with little worry. They should be able to drive in, park, and go to the event. Our agent will search for the most accessible locations with adequate parking space and even including disabled parking.

Location options 

We will check for you which destination is best in line with your requirements and desires to make your special day a truly memorable one.

  • Beaches
  • Resorts
  • Gardens
  • Special event venues
  • Churches

Relocate Antigua will find the perfect romantic location for your wedding, giving you an unforgettable experience.

Get in touch and let us help you have unforgettable entertainment experiences in Antigua and Barbuda.

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