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Film, Movies & Music

Are you planning on shooting a film or movie or direct a film in the Caribbean?

Well – Antigua is the perfect location, there is no need to look any further! You will find pure nature and pristine untouched beaches with inviting turquoise waters.

Music producers, musicians, bands, singers – You are all welcome. Relocate Antigua offers reliable media planning and organization services. Whatever your requirements, you can jam with us on a highly professional level. We will set up everything from accommodation to dancers to additional singers or musicians.

Location scouting

Antigua is an incredible choice for movie and music video productions. With 365 beaches and breathtaking scenic backdrops the islands have countless locations that will look great on the screen.

We will first scout the perfect location on Antigua and arrange everything for you from start to finish considering all the factors of a good location for filming including:

  • Overall aesthetic
  • Availability of parking
  • Availability of electricity and running water
  • Outdoor weather conditions
  • Surrounding sounds
  • Permission of the owner
  • Cooperation of neighbors, Government authorities, and law enforcement 

There are different options for different budgets and our agents will commit to finding a location that is not only best for your production but also affordable.

Production assistance and accommodation

For movie and music video productions, we will connect you with all the necessary parties who will assist in the smooth execution of the production. We will help you find everything you may require from food and drink to accommodation for all your staff to resourcing extras, hair, and make-up, drivers, assistants, production assistants, assistant camera operators, prop assistants, carpenters, costume designers, security as well as organizing technical requirements.

For music production, we will find you the most reputable recording studios on the island who will guide you to producing, perfecting, releasing and advertising music.

You can also count on us to help you plan or book entertainment events such as concerts or parties where you or your star can perform.

Whatever your needs, Relocate Antigua is properly connected with experienced third parties that are trained and prepared to help make your visions a reality.

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