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Travel, tours, and accommodation

Whether you are here on important business you should certainly make time for leisure when you are in Antigua

Touring Antigua and Barbuda

There are so many sites, and Relocate Antigua will set you up with fully privatized tours, tour operators, and personal guides catering to your needs and requirements. They will then accompany you to the sights and locations you would like to visit, as well as the gems of the islands.

Furthermore, a trip to a neighboring island offers not only a refreshing change of place but also a change in landscape and lifestyle. Many islands are relatively easy to get to from Antigua and make for a good break away. You can take advantage of private boat tours on Antigua to get to the small inhabited islands like Bird Island and Redonda.


Antigua’s sister island Barbuda is an ideal location if you are looking for a peaceful break. It is not frequented by the masses, as it is only home to a handful of residents, luxurious hotels, and accommodations. Another island close to Antigua, Monserrat, offers stunning volcanic views, beaches with black sand, and a lack of commercialism. You can also head to Guadeloupe, which is known for its nightlife and jungle. If you are looking to travel to any island around the Caribbean, Relocate Antigua can provide you with the best Caribbean private tours. If you would like to travel privately, Relocate Antigua will connect you with private jets and helicopter services.


We will sort out all your transfers, dining reservations, accommodation and modes of transport, including boats, private jets and helicopters. Whether here or another island, you can count on us to find and book your accommodation in the most prestigious hotels and resorts.

Nothing is ever far away in the Caribbean. Tells us where you would like to go, and we will make sure to get you there.

Contact Relocate Antigua for the best options for Antigua private tours.

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