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Private Jet & Helicopter

Private jet and helicopter services in Antigua can be beneficial in many ways. Besides naturally providing the client with luxury and comfort, chartering a private jet or helicopter can provide you with increased efficiency, privacy and security, be it for reasons linked to business or leisure purposes.

Benefits of Relocate Antigua Private Travel

Save time and money with private travel

Instead of waiting on a commercial flight to take off, you will be able to bypass all of the time-consuming procedures such as checking in and going through security. Business executives and celebrities who have very important engagements should not have to spend time claiming baggage and going through customs.

If you and your team need to travel to several locations in a short time frame, you will save money with a private jet or helicopter. Flying commercial can cost a fortune and can take you days to complete your meetings but with private travel, it is possible to conduct all your engagements in one day.

Fly in Comfort and Style

Enjoy luxury travel with enough space to relax and unwind while in the air. Our private jets are tailored specifically for VIPs, with quality furniture and even a private chef upon request to provide you with meals, snacks, and drinks during your flight. Why go through the hustle and bustle of commercial flying when you can indulge in our private travel services?


With private travel, you need not worry about unwanted attention or distractions at the airport. We understand that you may need to conduct business while flying and you should be in a calm, quiet private setting to do so. Avoid the crowded and noisy commercial flying experience and fly private with Relocate Antigua.

Helicopter Services

If you require Antigua helicopter services, we have access to these at any time to fly you to the next island of your choice for lunch, dinner, or business meetings. Additionally, we can also take care of any bookings or reservations you may require along the way.

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